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Seat belt sensor/switch.
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Seat belt sensor/switch.

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Land vehicles security encompasses a wide range best practises and experience. At Piher we provide solutions that are remain accurate through time and cost-effective at the same time.

Based on contactless (non-contact / wear-free) hall effect working principle, we provide custom and standard reed switches assemblies that afford superior performance detecting when a seat belt tongue has been engaged even under extreme environments and challenging conditions  such as dust, dirt, high vibration, extreme temperature, etc.

Only two wires and no external magnets or moving parts are required, thus saving space, time, cost and set-up operations.

seat buckle sensor switch

Fully sealed and with virtually unlimited life (maintenance free), the sensor will detect when the buckle metal part is instered and will reliably change its state from open to closed or viceversa.

Full costumisation is available including electrical and mechanical characteristics, size and integrated connectors. 

Other seat positions sensors and security-related airbag controls have been developed by Piher.

With over 40 years serving to most of the car brands, the pursuit of the most cost-effective total solution for your needs is firmly embedded in our business philosophy, so whatever your requirements may be, be sure that Piher will deliver.


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