Piher sensors and controls - custom potentiometers and position sensors


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Fully customiseable detented control that features:
• detents (or no detents)
• end stops
• plastic / metal shafts
• "plug-and-play" connectors
• "push to turn" function
• availability as switch, encoder or potentiometer

Main features

Endless Rotation (360º)
Wide Electrical Angle (340º ± 10º)
Extended Mechanical Life (25.000 cycles)
Laser trimming upon request
Resistance values*:  10k (potentiometer version)
Standard detents number*:  4, 2
Detent torque*:   900 to 1500 gf.cm
Tolerance:  ± 30%
Nominal Power: 0.15 W @ 50ºC
Linearity (absolute):   ± 5% (standard)
Taper: Linear (potentiometer version)
Life*:  25,000 cycles
Temperature Range:        -40ºC to +120ºC
Mechanical Angle:  360º
Electrical Angle:  280º ± 10º
Rotational Torque:  50 mN.m
Max. Voltage:        38 VDC
(*) Others upon request

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