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Our potentiometers can be found in household appliances and power tools of leading manufacturers worldwide. Standard rotary and slide controls allow engineers unrivaled design freedom with off-the-shelf configuration options, including features such as:

  • reinforced end stops,
  • connectors,
  • dual-rotary selectors,
  • external knobs,
  • complex voltage schemes,
  • push-to-turn functionality,
  • plastic and metal shafts,
  • detent feeling and
  • mix of encoder, potentiometer or switch outputs.

However, we not only supply our clients with standard products, but also support them by developing completely new solutions with the aim of improving user experience, while reducing manufacturing costs. In custom developments, we make our experience and know-how available to our customers so that they can achieve technical and competitive advantages.


Let us know what you are working on, and we will be glad to support your development. Contact us via email or our contact form.

Application examples

Industries Appliances

Washing machine program selection

The STS-15 and ST-15 endless rotation controls offer design flexibility by allowing full rotational access and 333° electrical angle that can be combined with mechanical stops for haptical feedback. 

ST-15 - Endless rotation THT control

STS-15 - endless rotation SMD control

Application oven control

Cooktop temperature control

A push-to-turn control increases user safety by preventing unintentional activation or change of temperature regulation. Mechanical detents can further enhance the user experience through a click sensation.

Push-to-turn panel control

Application coffee selection

Coffee machine selection

Coffee strength, size, or type selection can be implemented easily using our potentiometers. With up to 100.000 life cycles and a wide range of configurable options (such as outputs, rotors, shafts and detents) our Piher potentiometers offer high design flexibility at an attractive price level.

Trimmers and Control Potentiometers

Application Speed Control

Power tool speed control

Precisely regulating drill speed at the tip of your finger or rapidly switching between hammer and drilling mode, our control potentiometers got manufacturers of power tools throughout the world covered.

Trimmers and Control Potentiometers

Application SDA

Small domestic appliances

Adjusting the timer of toasters via a rotational control, vacuum cleaner power with a slide control, or the blending speed of a mixer. All these functions can easily be controlled based on our potentiometers.

Control Potentiometers

Slide Potentiometer


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Product Guide
Potentiometers, Encoders and Panel Controls

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Application Note

Household Appliances and Powertools


Potentiometer analog, encoder-incremental and switch outputs are avaialbe with a high degree of customisation. Our resistive elements have been improved to easily overcome the life of the consumer products where they are used, so mechanical wear is not a problem and it' s price level remains unachievable by any other competing technology.

potentiometer appliances

The Appliance Electronics segment encompasses all domestic electrical and electronic apparatus such as washing machines, ovens/ranges, toasters, electric blender/mixers, heaters, air conditioners, garage door openers, power tools, light dimmers, temperature controls/thermostats, motion+smoke detectors, blend door actuator sensor, sewing machines, vacuum cleaners, hoovers, speed controlers, DIY devices, relays, etc. You can also find Piher in multimedia, medical, telecommunications, instrumentation, electro-medical, power supplies, CATV systems, domotic houses, TV antennas, ballasts, electric adjustable furniture actuators, white and brown goods...

Piher helps companies honor the essence of physical products where dials and rotary motion are expected by customers for quick and convenient control settings. HVAC air conditioning drive shafts of actuators type position feedback.

We are experts in manufacturing:

- Movement detectors potentiometers.
- Presence detector potentiometers.
- Appliance rotary switch function selector.
- Sensitivity adjustment potentiometer (PT6, N6, PT10, PS10).
- Light-sensitive switch potentiometers.
- Smoke detector potentiometers.
- Blind control system potentiometers.
- Dimmer system potentiometers.




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