Position Sensors, Speed Sensors and Potentiometers

Sensors & controls for robotics

As manufacturing and logistics continue to widen automation, the presence of robots and drones is proliferating.
At Piher, we habe been designing robust custom and standard rotary angle sensors for 50 years now.

Our low power consumption magnetic position sensors (contactless: wear free) are accurate and low profile, ready to be placed in any robot joint where angle or linear position feedback is needed even in extreme envirioments.
Publicly-traded and privately owned companies engaged in the robotics research, development, and commercialization worldwide are contacting us for advise and testing our suitable technologies and support for rapid development of customer´s projects.

Typical applications for Piher sensors and controls in robotics:

robot joint sensor
• Robot axis position sensor.
• Robot wrist bend rotation sensor.
• Robot arm angle sensor.
• Robot shoulder angle sensor.
• Robot joint angle sensor.
• Robot elbow angle sensor.
• Robot flange angle sensor.
• Robot limb angle sensor.
• Robot waist angle sensor.
• Rotary sensor for robot slip ring.
• Pitch and roll robot motor sensor.
• Closed-loop robot movement control.
• Wheel angle robot movement feedback.


Other applications:

• Position controls for of sun power & heat generators.
• Industrial and medical robotics.
• Surveillance cameras: pan and tilt sensing
• Actuator position feedback.
• Valve position feedback.

 piher robots

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