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Piher Announces Market Expansion & Development 2017-2018 Award Winner

IMG 6459 800 16/11/2018

Piher Sensing Systems is thrilled to announce that Ineltro Electronics GmbH has been awarded as Best Distributor in Market Expansion & Development.

This Award recognizes outstanding proactivity in expanding mutual business into new potential projects & customers.

"We would like to specially highlight Ms. Ricarda Teufelhofer´s performance, as she has been quite involved in accomplishing market integration." commented Ms. Raquel Gonzalez, Piher´s Global Distribution Manager.

At Piher, we are very satisfied of working with such involved partners, and we expect this will be the beginning of a upper level partnership.

"We are delighted for this recognition of our work. A good partnership between manufacturer and distributor is mandatory to succeed." said Mihael Georgijev, Head of Product Management at Ineltro. "We are absolutely convinced, that in our highly competitive electronic market only the individual performance of the acting people can make a difference" he added.

Thank you Ineltro team for your continued support and contribution to our on-going success!