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Supporting the global COVID-19 response

The world came to a standstill in 2020 as continents, countries and communities grappled with the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic and the devastating impact to health and human life.  Due to the targeted nature of the COVID-19 virus on the human respiratory system, breathing assistance devices such as ventilators have become one of the most important pieces of hospital equipment in the fight to save the lives of those infected. 

COVID-19 patients with the most severe symptoms require ventilator equipment that is not in adequate supply in many regions of the world.  In response to the strain on the ventilator supply chain, many traditional and non-traditional ventilator manufacturers answered the call to support ventilator capacity increases. 

Amphenol is a leader in gas, position and pressure sensors for critical care ventilators and other respiratory support devices.  Ventilators require a complex arrangement of mechanical and electrical components designed to deliver specified doses of oxygen rich air to a patient at certain intervals and specific pressure ranges appropriate for human lungs. The ventilator either supports breathing, or in many cases, breath for the patient.  Amphenol’s specially designed MEMS pressure sensors are critical in the breathing function of the device and Amphenol’s gas sensors ensure each breath maintains a specific percent of oxygen.

From the initial COVID-19 outbreaks in China and greater Asia to the subsequent outbreaks on the European and American continents, Amphenol’s sensor operations have worked hand-in-hand with ventilator manufacturers – both traditional medical device manufacturers as well as automotive customers who have transitioned their businesses to support ventilator manufacturing – to assure continuity of supply of the multiple sensors required for proper ventilator functionality. 

Our Amphenol sensor colleagues have worked around the clock to transform operations in order to help close the gap between demand and availability of these life saving devices

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