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Piher Sensing Systems Introduces PSE Series of Compact Panel Mount Rotary Hall-Effect Sensors
Tudela, Spain - January 11, 2022

Position sensor with shaft

Extending our line-up of contactless position sensors, Piher Sensing Systems introduces the PSE series of compact panel mount rotary sensors.

Based on contactless hall-effect technology the PSE sensors deliver high accuracy and linearity in a compact package. Increased rotational life and robustness against humidity, vibration and shock make them perfectly suited for harsh industrial and transportation environments.These absolute sensors will not lose its values even after a power failure.

Key features Applications
▶ True contactless operation
▶ Integrated shaft
▶ Made for harsh environments (dust, moisture, vibration and high temperature resistance)
▶ 360° endless rotation (PSE-360)
▶ Mechanical stop at 290° (PSE-290)
▶ Analog or PWM output
▶ 360°, 270°, 180°, 120°, 90° or 50° electrical rotational angle
▶ Customer specific outputs functions, shafts or mechanical design available on request
▶ Cab controls

▶ Paint spray systems
▶ Test and measurement equipment
▶ Machine tool control

▶ Equipment control

Consumer products
▶ Equipment control

The PSE-360 is an end-of-shaft sensor with 360-degree endless rotation and programmable electrical angles from 15 to 360 degrees.

The PSE-290 comes with an integrated mechanical stop at 290 degrees, thereby preventing unintentional over travel. This makes the PSE-290 especially suitable to replace conventional control potentiometers in human machine interfaces

PSE-360 datasheet            PSE-290 datasheet

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