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Contactless sensors

The non-contacting PSC-360 programmable Hall effect magnetic sensor features a switch function not found in other 360-degree absolute position sensors.

The switching point can be programmed at any angle allowing maximum design flexibility. It can also be used as an indicator for multi-turn applications. This unique low current switch design incorporates both on and off positions that provide a secondary position verification for improved safety, especially important for mission-critical applications in harsh environments.

The PSC-360 Sensor also offers high temperature capabilities with operational performance between -40 C to 150 C and high accuracy over 360 degrees at 0.5 percent. The bushing/panel mount style sensor features a standard 0.25-inch inch 'D' Flat shaft in a low profile package of only 13 mm, extremely advantageous for applications with tight packaging constraints.

The technology used by Piher breaks through the traditional magnetic fluxuation and complex circuitry barriers. Piher's technology is only sensitive to the flux density coplanar with the IC surface, which eliminates those problems and optimizes accuracy for absolute position feedback from 0 to 360 degrees The simple, low-cost package maintains a true non-contacting air gap between the rotating magnet and the fixed sensing system.

Designed with the permanent magnet as the only moving component, the PSC-360 sensor provides a mechanical life of up to 50 million cycles. Further durability is incorporated with the fully sealed magnet and the sensor's electronics (sensing system) encapsulated in molded plastic, providing a completely sealed IP67 rated sensor that is totally impervious to humidity. These features are ideally suited to harsh environmental exposure where shock, vibration, high humidity and dust are unavoidable.

Piher's technology is not only true absolute. Maintaining the sensor's true position even after a power interruption, it also offers full redundancy achieved with a dual core version within the same housing. The result is a highly configurable sensor that offers an excellent solution for the severe conditions found in industrial, food processing, agriculture and off-highway applications.

Other PSC-360 performance characteristics include linearity of 1 percent absolute (0.5 percent upon request), selectable analog (ratiometric), PWM, or serial protocol, up to 14 bit angular resolution, 40 bit ID number, and self-diagnostics. With the PSC-360's modular architecture and Piher's custom engineered technology capabilities, Piher can modify electrical characteristics, mechanical characteristics, and connector configurations to meet customer specifications.

Specific uses include hand throttle control and throttle position feedback, accelerator and brake pedals, wheel angle for off highway vehicles and tractors, farm implement position feedback, forklift lift and tilt control, suspension height, marine, cranes and airport ground support vehicles.

Other applications for Piher contactless sensors are:
• Non-Contacting long life angle/position sensor
• Absolute Rotary Position Sensor
• Industrial Joysticks
• Marine sensors & controls
• Brake Position Sensor
• Throttle/EGR Valve and Gear Position Sensor
• Height & suspension Sensor
• Non-Contacting Potentiometer
• Float-Level Sensor
• Motor-shaft Position Sensor
• Precision Robotics,industrial equipment and HVAC monitoring & control...