Position Sensors, Speed Sensors and Potentiometers

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Sensors Converge 2022
Off-the-shelf contactless hall effect position sensors of Piher Sensing Systems
Our off-the-shelf contactless Hall effect position sensors

We will have the full-range of our position sensing solutions on display, ranging from our inductive motor position sensor and contactless position sensors to potentiometers and panel controls. We will announce the booth location here as soon it has been confirmed by the organizers.

About Sensors Converge 2022

From sensors and chips to the cloud, Sensors Converge covers the technologies and applications driving innovation of the future. Formerly know as Sensors Expo the trade fair started 37 years ago with a focus on sensor technology. Over the years it has expanded and diversified to include the electronics technologies and embedded systems that work hand-in-hand with sensors, as well as new and emerging application areas such as IoT, Connectivity, Autonomous, Medical, and more.

Learn more about Sensors Converge 2022 and the exhibitor list and floor plan.

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