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Piher’s ultra miniature SMD rotary sensor offers size and functionality breakthroughs

With its tiny size of only 6mm x 17mm x 18mm (HxWxL), engineers can now integrate a fully featured rotary sensor directly on their PCB without the packaging issues that typically accompany encoders or other absolute position devices. The exceptionally low profile fits easily in places that were previously too small for pre-packaged rotary sensors.


The MTS-360 relies on patented Hall effect technology to enable for the first time true non-contacting through-hole shaft sensing using standard SMD features. The offset through-hole accommodates the vacuum pick up tool, allowing use in automated SMD assembly systems. The standard model features a 4mm double D-flat shaft and an (8) pad SMD footprint that is compatible in most reflow soldering systems.


The new device offers electrical angles up to 360° with no dead band and linearity as low as ±0.5%. Rated for use at -40ºC to +150ºC, the sensor can be programmed with full scale output with angles shorter than 360 degrees. Output is selectable between Analog, PWM 12 bits or Serial Protocol (SPI) at 14 bits and includes a second output channel to provide a programmable switch signal. A redundant version with a dual core sensor in the same package is also available.


This ultra-miniature MTS-360 non-contact Rotary Position Sensor is ideal in optical imaging stabilization and precision biomedical devices, optical zoom devices, consumer electronics, instrumentation, HVAC systems, automotive control systems, marine controls, fork lift trucks, farm equipment, cranes, low speed motor feedback, valve position sensors and robotic and automation feedback system.

“To our knowledge, the MTS-360 represents a true industry-first,” explains Paul Cain, Piher North America General Manager. “No other rotary position sensor provides as many features in this size a package.”


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