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Potentiometers with stops.
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Potentiometers with stops.


This  innovative  PT´s  with  detents (stop positions)  family  has  been specifically  developed  to  allow  the  integration  of
otherwise large and expensive external mechanisms into the body of the majority of the 6, 10 & 15 mm. PS/PT/PTC
potentiometer series. This detent design not only adds a "click" sensation of position, but also offers enormous savings in both cost and space for any given application.

This family is indispensable wherever both cost and space saving reductions are important, or where a series of fixed positions along the potentiometer travel are required, eg:

- Replacement for:
• Existing customer detent mechanisms.
•  Multi-pole switches.
•  3 or 4-bit absolute encoders (connecting PT to microprocessor analogue input).
- Analogue signal presets.
- Temperature control settings.
- Relay Timers.

Piher´s PT15 with detents in combination with the tact switch TS1126 is an ideal replacement for absolute encoders.

PT´s with detents only need a single analog input instead of multiple digital inputs required by rotary or dip switches and also lend themselves perfectly to Industrial and domestic power tool applications where the detents prevent accidental movement of the potentiometer under vibration.


34 Detents potentiometer

If high torque detents are required please see our Detent Control Mechanism (DCM) series datasheets.

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