Position Sensors, Speed Sensors and Potentiometers

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Multifunction appliance potentiometer / encoder / switch control.


Main features

Endless Rotation (360º)
Wide Electrical Angle (340º ± 10º)
Extended Mechanical Life (25.000 cycles)
Laser trimming upon request
Availability as switch, encoder or potentiometer
UL verified (standard versions)
Fully customiseable features:
• detents (or no detents)
• end stops
• plastic / metal shafts
• "plug-and-play" connectors

Standard specifications

Resistance values*:  5k, 10k, 100k
(potentiometer version)
Standard detents number*:  5, 8
Detent torque*: 900 to 1500 gf.cm
Tolerance*: ± 30%
Nominal Power: 0.15 W @ 50ºC
Linearity (absolute):  ± 3% (standard)
Taper: Linear
Life*: 25.000 cycles
Temperature Range:  -40ºC to +120ºC
Mechanical Angle: 360º
Electrical Angle: 340º ± 10º
Rotational Torque: <= 20 mN.m
Max. Voltage: 250 VDC

(*) Others upon request

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All Piher´s products can be adapted to meet customer´s requirements.
Other typical applications:
Electric / Gas Oven Thermostat switch.
Electric cooking control switch dial.
Energy Regulators.
Electric Infinite Switches.
Electric Thermostats.
Gas Thermostats.
Gas Valves.
Hot Surface Ignitors.
Oven Spark Ignition Modules.
Electronic Timers.
Water Heating Gas Valves.
Electric Water Heating Thermostats.
Air Pressure Sensing Switches.
Defrost Timers - Auto Voltage.
Defrost Timers - Electromechanical.
Defrost Timers - Electronic.
Electric Timers - Electromechanical.
Electric Timers - Electronic.
Residential Defrost Timers.
Smart wall Thermostats.
Electronic Controls.
Temperature Controls - Cold Controls.


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