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N6R (RoHS reflow)
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N6R (RoHS reflow)

The introduction of Pb-free solder into the electronics industry has required changes to the standard soldering processes. The largest changes are in the reflow process, as Pb-free pastes require higher temperatures than standard SnPb solders.
As a response to the continous changing market´s requirements, PIHER has developed a 6mm potentiometer that is able to withstand the RoHS reflow soldering process. Furthermore, the overmoulding technology provides excellent performance and robust design.

Main Features

• RoHS reflowable.
• Over-moulding manufacturing technique.
• Embossed Tape (for SMD),Tape on reel, Ammopack and Magazine packaging for extra high speed automatic insertion and bulk for manual  assembly.
• Carbon resistive element.
• Accidental rotor movement protected.
• Robust enclosed construction.
• Both sides cross slot easy adjustment t (its big cross-shaped rotor allows the use standard screwdrivers and aovids the need of knobs keeping price down).
• Accidental rotor movement protected.
• Traceability insured through date code marking.
• Plastic substrate.
• Assembly method: Stand up, lay down.

The N6R Long Life "E" version has been conceived for the Appliance and Automotive industries to provide a cost effective control solution. Further options include improved linearity, a 360º endless rotation option and a selection of shafts and knobs. Ask for double reflow potentiometers and geared potentiometers here.

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