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The N-15 series offers you full endless rotation, 340º ± 10º wide electrical angle, SMD or through-hole mount, extended working temperature range of –40ºC to +120ºC plus a whole series of customisation possibilities making it the most flexible product on the market. The N15 is ideal for Appliance and Automotive Control and Sensor applications.

The N15 series offers an SMD and Through Hole mount solution for the majority of Position/Rotary Sensor and  multi-purpose Control applications such as:
- Automotive HVAC, Seat, Rear-view mirror actuator
feedback sensors and HVAC Controls
-Temperature Control for Boilers, Wall Heaters, Showers,
Radiators, Conventional and Microwave Ovens, Freezers...
- Timer & Function/Programme Select for Washing
Machines, Dishwashers and all White Goods in general.
- Size and Position detectors

Main Features

Conceived and designed for customisation
SMD or Through-hole Mount
Endless Rotation (360º)
Wide Electrical Angle (340º ± 10º)
Extended Mechanical Life (100k cycles)
Working Temperature Range (-40ºC to +120ºC)
Low Profile (4.4 mm)
Linearity ± 3% (standard)
Embossed Tape or Bulk packaging
Reflow Soldering capability
Shaft insertable from both sides
Polarised "T" rotor (European Home Appliance standard)
All PT/ PTC 15 shafts compatible

Standard specifications

Resistance values*:   5k, 10k, 100k
Tolerance:  ± 30%
Nominal Power:   0.15 W @ 50ºC
Linearity (absolute):   ± 3%
Taper:  Linear
Mechanical Life**:  100,000 cycles
Temperature Range:  -40ºC to +120ºC
Mechanical Angle:  360º
Electrical Angle: 340º ± 10º
Rotational Torque:  20 mN.m
Max. Voltage:   250 VDC

(*) Others upon request
(**) 200,000 cycles version available upon request

Download datasheet

Download 3D STEP file.


Custom controls and sensors

One of our core competences has always been the high experience in manufacturing custom sensors and controls according to customers´ requirements, coping with even the hasher environments´conditions using rotary, linear and multiturn contact and non-contact technologies. We can adapt our standard products to meet your specifications. Rotary Angle Sensor.Angle Sensing Potentiometer.




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