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Printed Resistors PCB
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Printed Resistors PCB

PIHER Printed Resistors PCB are thick-film elements designed to be printed on a wide range of substrates. These range from ceramic to most PCB materials  allowing the elimination of  resistor, jumper wire, etc. insertion problems and associated costs.

This PIHER market-leading thick-film technology can be used to deposit any combination of  fixed resistors, potentiometer tracks and conductors in virtually any size, shape or form. Thereby  offering  an  enormous  range  of  design possibilities at competitive prices even for low batches.

The resistive values can be individually laser trimmed to obtain very accurate tolerances.

PIHER’s PCR (printed circuit resistors) PCB technology is ideal for voltage-divider calibration and resistor family matching. In these cases PIHER offers high precision voltage ratios between key points of the circuit.

Furthermore, in those applications where the printed variable resistor or potentiometer is linked to an additional external mechanism, PIHER can design, manufacture and supply the wiper interface according to customers´ requirements.

Main advantages

– Low profile.
– Long life.
– Low cost.
– No insertion costs.
– No insertion errors.
– No soldering problems.
– Unlimited fixed and variable resistor combinations.
– Excellent high frequency performance.
– Calibrated voltage dividers available.
– Special ohmic values available.
– Functional (in-circuit) trimming.
– Laser trimming capabilities.

Typical applications

• Climate control (HVAC):
– Temperature
– Air flow
– Distribution
• Headlight positioning control.
• Dashboard dimmer control.
• Mirror position sensor.
• Headlight position sensor.

• Light dimmers.
• Speed control for hand
power tools.
• Fuel tank level sensor.
• Seat position sensor.
• Pedal sensors.
• Swirl actuator position sensor

• Heavy-duty equipment
• Resistive linear track printed on circuit board with connector options


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