Position Sensors, Speed Sensors and Potentiometers

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6 mm through-hole carbon potentiometer with a high level of customisation possibilities, such as:

  • Electrical and mechanical specifications
  • Custom mechanical life
  • Mechanical design.
  • Up to 10 detents (rest positions)
  • Special outputs (linear, log, anti-log, bespoke).
  • Absolute or independent linearity values
  • Special resistance value and tolerance
  • Mechanical and electrical angles
  • Switch versions
  • Custom shafts and knobs
  • SMD versions (see N6 and PS6)
Main features

Plastic material according to UL94V-0: upon request
Resistive element: carbon
Dust proof enclosure
Supplied in magazines for automatic insertion
Wiper positioned at initial, 50% or fully clockwise. Others upon request.
Low & extra low torque versions
Mechanical detents
Special tapers
Special switch option:  SPDT switch
Cut track option
Laser trimming for tighter tolerances
Crimped terminals available
Standard knob and shafts available
Ganged version available

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