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Multiturn sensors
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Multiturn sensors

In automobile seat applications the seat may be linearly movable, either manually or automatically via electromechanical means, on an associated track assembly. A sensor may provide a signal representative of the linear position of the seat on the track for a variety of purposes, e.g. to control deployment or the force of an air bag, to feedback the motor position of the seat in connection with a seat position memory feature, etc. The MT-150 series have been initially designed for this application, allowing 150 turns mechanical travel.

The MT-5 series have been designed for seat angle position sensing applications.Three slightly different models are available depending on the car model they are to be placed in.

Both series are sealed and feature a clutch function at end stops. They can be easily customised to meet customer´s requirements.

Absolute position is mechanically stored so there is no need of active electronics thus avoiding problems such as memory being lost by current  shortages.


Resistance values*: 10k
Tolerance: ± 20%
Nominal Power: 0.15 W @ 50ºC
Linearity: ± 5% (independent)
Taper:    Linear
Life*:    6,000 cycles
Temperature Range:        -40ºC to +85ºC
Mechanical travel:        150 ± 4 turns
Max. Voltage: 38 VDC
Voltage Range: 12.5% ±2.5% - 87.5% ± 2.5%
Wiper protection resistance: 550 Ohm.   
(*) Others upon request


Resistance values: 10k
Tolerance: ± 20%
Nominal Power: 0.15 W @ 50ºC
Linearity: ± 5% (independent)
Taper: Linear
Temperature Range: -40ºC to +85ºC
Mechanical travel: 3.75 and 5 turns versions
Mechanical life: 8000 cycles
Voltage Range: 4.75 MAX to 0.25 MIN

APPLICATION EXAMPLE (Seat Memory Angle Position Sensor)

Three slightly different MT-5 models are available. The product is through hole so that the horizontal shaft can pass though it. The shaft is moved by a motor attached to it. The whole mechanical movement allowed is 5 turns of the axis. This movement is mechanically memorised so that the electronics can always return the position to a previously recorded state.

Other possible applications:

· Recliner Position sensor
· Head Restraint Position sensor
· Lumbar Position sensor
· Seat Linear Memory Position Sensor (GM-150)


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One of our core competences has always been the high experience in manufacturing custom sensors and controls according to customers´ requirements, coping with even the hasher environments´conditions using rotary, linear and multiturn contact and non-contact technologies. We can adapt our standard products to meet your specifications.


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