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T21 / I21
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T21 / I21

21mm panel mount carbon potentiometer with excellent rotational torque and high mechanical endurance.

Featuring a selection of plain, slotted, knurled metalic and plastic spindles, it can be ordered with standard PCB leads or solder lugs.

Antirotationg lug, audio tapers, stereo matching and built-in mechanical stops and switch make this potentiometer the most versatile in the market.

The T21 allows plenty of customisation capabilities, such as:

  • Electrical and mechanical specifications.
  • Stereo versions.
  • Custom mechanical life.
  • Plastic or metal shaft.
  • Detents.
  • Potentiometer and switch all in one device (rotary, push-push, push-pull on the shaft).
  • Special outputs (linear, log, anti-log, bespoke).
  • Absolute or independent linearity values.
  • Special resistance value and tolerance.
  • Mechanical and electrical angles.
  • Custom shafts lenghts.
  • Cermet version available for higher working temperatures.
21mm potentiometer 

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