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The HVAC sensor family  was designed to feedback the position of the cold/hot air flap in the car HVACR system.

This custom contacting sensor has been specifically designed to determine the position of the flap wich is frequently being adjusted by the car´s climate control. Several different versions have been designed to fit the different car models and modules.

Low cost due to fully automated production lines and high accuracy (2% linearity) areamong its advantages.
More than 100 Million HVAC2, HVAC2.1, HVAC3 and HVAC5 units have been delivered in the last 10 years with an PPM rate below 1.

 HVAC Flap position sensor derivative models

Custom versions can be easyly adapted to specific feeback angles and dimensions

Standard features
Resistive element carbon
Dust proof enclosure yes
Long life model yes
Mechanical rotation angle 360º (endless)
Electrical rotation angle 120º, 170º, 180º, 250º, 340º
Life  100K cycles 
Linearity  ± 2% 

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