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Concentric touchless sensor.
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Concentric touchless sensor.

The PS2P-CON sensor creates immunity to radial and axial play on mobile shafts where significant misalignment results in poor operational performance and labour intensive maintenance programmes. It complements our  PS2P-LIN and PS2P-ARC series of air-gap non-contact linear and angular position sensors. 
A magnet is attached to rotating parts of kit, such as boom loaders, forklifts, skid steer buckets and hitch arms, and the electronics module to the chassis (or vice versa). As an absolute sensor it will not loose the values even after a power failure.

All Piher touchless sensors are compact, sealed, low-profile, yet extremely rugged and can be custom-engineered to fit customers´ specifications and existing mechanical assemblies.


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Main features

•  True touchless operation: free from ageing   Ask a quick question about this
•  Low profile, flat & robust magnetic design that easily adapts to your design.
•  Selectable output: analogue (ratiometric), PWM, SPI.
•  Programmable angular range up to 360 degrees.
•  Resolution: analogue & PWM: 12 bits / SPI: 14 bits.
•  Absolute position sensing.
•  Linearity: +/-1% absolute (+/-0.5% upon request).
•  Over voltage protection up to 10V /  Reverse voltage protection up to -10V /  Supply voltage up to 15V
•  Programmable Linear Transfer Characteristic
(some positive slopes & one negative slope can be programmed in the same transfer characteristic; up to 4 programmable points)
•  Unlimited mechanical life.
•  High vertical & lateral tolerance to magnet misalignment.
•  Simple, redundant and full redundant versions available. 
•  Sealed for harsh environments.
•  Operating temperature: -40ºC to +125ºC.
•  Self-diagnostic features.
 touchless sensor working principle

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