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Inductive eMotor Rotor Position Sensor
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Inductive eMotor Rotor Position Sensor

Accurate feedback on the angular position, direction, and speed of the rotor shaft is essential to optimize control of the motor inverter and drive the electric engine with the best possible efficiency. With lower weight, smaller dimensions, immunity to stray fields and comparably lower cost, Piher Sensing System’s Inductive High-speed eMotor Rotor Position Sensors offer a true alternative to conventional resolvers. The possibility to perfectly customize the sensor to the motor dimensions enables more flexibility in the development of the electric / hybrid powertrain of the future. 

Main features

• Up to 600.000 (el) rpm speed
• Low weight and compact dimensions
• Robust to tilt, misalignment and air gap variations
• True power-on sensor: excellent accuracy and precision
• Immune to stray fields, no shielding required
• ASIL-D ready
• Customised cable and connector interface
• Suitable for harsh environments (fully sealed, shock, vibration)
• ESD and short-circuit protection

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End-of-shaft sensor available for testing

• Signal output: Analog differential sine/cosine (1.0V to 4.0V)
• Standard pole numbers: 6, 8, 12. Others available upon request
• Max. speed (mec): 200.000 rpm (6-pole version), 150.000 rpm (8-pole version), 100.000 rpm (12-pole version)
• Accuracy: 1°el
• Wide operation temperature: -40°C to +125°C. Coil temperature can be >150°C
• Supply voltage: 5V +/-10%
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•  Low speed models are available featuring analogue, PWM or SENT output with 10 and 12 bits resolution full scale