Position Sensors, Speed Sensors and Potentiometers

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The Model STS-15 offers engineers an endless rotation SMD version of the popular PT-15 rotary control. This 360° version adds endless clockwise (CW or CCW) rotation as a part of the current features of the PT-15s already highly configurable mechanical and electrical specifications. That means a wide variety of off-the-shelf mounting methods, custom ohmic (resistance) values, tight linearity performance, along with the six different rotor designs.

This potentiometer offers product designers the flexibility of allowing users full rotational access across the normal stops that have, up to now, limited mechanical rotation. With this design feature, engineers can now design product command features over a 340° range (active electrical travel).

For maximum design versatility, the endless rotation feature can be combined upon request with detents to provide users tactile feedback on each setting and selection – with up to 51 unique detent positions. Virtually any appliance rotary control requirement can be configured using the PT-15’s wide range of standard features. Other interesting optional features include stop positions (detents), a variety of rotors, long life and custom electrical angles.

Main features
• Excellent performance in leadfree reflow soldering processes.
• Dust proof enclosure.
• Carbon resistive element.
• Up to 100K cycles mechanical life.
• Locating pins for accurate PCB positioning.
• Moisture sensitivity level 1.
• Full traceability.
• Embossed tape according to IEC 60286-3:2007
Also upon request:
•  Mechanical detents.
•  Up to 340° mechanical angle.

The STS15  Rotary Position Sensor offers application for both feedback and control where frequent adjustment or feedback is required.  The shaftless design allows for employment of different engagement mechanisms, such as a customized shaft, a motor control, a human interface adjustment, or a mechanical arm position locator.

The sensor can also control variable outputs including frequency, change in motor speed or volume.  

Typical applications include test and measurement equipment, consumer electronics, appliances, small engines, robotics, motion controllers, and medical equipment control panels. 

Engineered to serve as a highly cost-effective control potentiometer for most consumer applications such as ovens, ranges, dishwashers, power hand tools, washing machines and HVAC systems, it also can fit many automotive convenience electronic applications.

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