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NPL Slide potentiometer.
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NPL Slide potentiometer.

Provides a low cost, highly reliable solution for slider potentiometer & linear position sensing applications:
Automotive seat position memory, HVAC sensor, central locking, headlamp levelling position and rear-view mirror position sensors, front and rear load angle sensor. Typically used to measure the angle of car head lights.

Main Features

- High reliability
- Simple construction (only 3 component parts)
- Over-moulding manufacturing technique
- Plastic or metal clip versions available
- Various fixation means: clip type  (inward/outward actuating), locating pins,...

Standard specifications

Range of values: 1K to 100K ohms
Tolerance:  ± 30%
Max. voltage*: 50 VDC to 100 VDC
Power rating*: 0.20 W @ 50°C
Operating temperature: -40°C to +105°C
Taper**:    Linear
Relative linearity**:  ± 2%
Mechanical Life:  50k cycles

Mechanical travel:
- NPL07............7,25mm
- NPL08............8mm
- NPL12............12mm

Electrical travel:  (see datasheet)
Sliding force:  2N @ 10mm/sec
Stop strenght:  30N for 5 secs        

* Depending on model       ** Others upon request

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