Position Sensors, Speed Sensors and Potentiometers

Actuator position sensor manufacturer.

The industrial and automotive markets demand sensors (variable resistors) for the actuators that move the air distribution flaps in HVACR Systems.
The flap actuator (motor, damper) moves the flap to control wich way the air goes where  a sensor feedbacks the position of the flap (closed-loop).


Main requirements for HVAC sensors:
- Low hysteresis.
- Good accuracy (linearity of 3% or better).
- Low price for high quantities.
- Quality and flexibility.
- Long life.

Piher´s advantage

  • More than 100 Million units have been delivered By Piher in the last 10 years with an PPM rate below 1.
  • Manufacturing and delivery from Europe or China.
  • Reduces assembly costs.
  • Low profile, weight and size.
  • Long life variable resistors.


  •  Electrical features
  •  Linearity
  •  Electrical angle
  •  Taper not centered
  •  Laser trim

Mechanical features

  •  Customized housing
  •  Leads


  •  Special materials (temperature, etc)
  •  Long life versions





  • HEATER HVAC air blend door actuator memory absolute sensor.
  • Air mix actuator potentiometer track.
  • Actuator, air, vane type (for Butterfly Valves) potentiometer.
  • Butterfly valve assembly,  electro/pneumatic.
  • Vane actuator for butterfly valves.
  • Car blend actuator motor feedback sensor.
  • Eccentric shaft actuator for valve system angle.
  • A/C air door actuator angle sensor manufacturer.
  • Heater valve actuator angle sensor manufacturer.
  • Mirror glass and power-folding actuators sensor.
    Active glass actuators sensor.
    Camera monitoring systems sensor producer.
    Rear-view smart mirror actuators sensor.
    Powerfold actuators sensor.
    Active grille shutter actuators sensor.