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Thick-film printed ceramic substrates


Thick-film on ceramic elements are designed around customers’ unique assemblies. Conductive, resistive and dielectric films are selectively deposited in a cleam room by screen printing on ceramic substrates  

Our market-leading thick-film technology can be used to deposit any combination of fixed resistors, switches, potentiometer tracks and conductors onto virtually any size, shape or ceramic form.
This versatility offers an enormous range of design possibilities at competitive prices, even in low batch quantities.

We’re known for the fine art of laser trimming, delivering the very low tolerances at very high volumes needed to keep pace with innovation in electronics.

Actually, we’re old masters of every aspect of the thick film printed ceramic substrates process, eliminating programme risk as we deliver around the world from our plants in Europe and China.

•  Screen printing technology
•  Delivered in panels or separate pieces
•  Standard substrate made of 96% alumina. Other thin film substates allowed
•  Multi-layer capability  
•  Functional trimming: precise values are set by laser trimming with a precision of 0.5% in tension percentage
•  Max. size of printed pattern: 101.6 x 101.6 mm.
•  Resistive films square resistance: 5 Ω/sq to 1 MΩ/sq
•  Thickness: 5 to 20µm in one print depending on the type of the paste used. The films are generally fired at temperatures higher than 500 °C

screen printing on ceramic substrates
• High mechanical stability and reliability
• High thermal stability
• Long life
• Suitable for high power applications
•  Low profile
• Resistant to high humidity envirionments
• Virtually any size, shape or ceramic form
•  In-process calibration and resistive (ohmic) process control, allowing for tight matching within lots and high precision voltage ratios between key points in the circuit
•  Resistant to severe conditions such as exterme temparatures, high surge, pollution and challenging atmosphere compositions
•  Customer can provide their consigned PCB or Piher can provide full turnkey assemblies
•  Rapid prototyping

•  Land vehicles (Automatic Headlamp Leveling System (ALS/AHL), throttle position sensor, steering column controls, mirror memory, fuel card, etc.)
•  Healthcare
•  Sensor technology
•  Home appliances
•  High power electronics
•  Led lighting
•  Aerospace

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