Position Sensors, Speed Sensors and Potentiometers

Car pedal rotary angle sensor

 car pedal sensor

'Drive by wire' pedal applications require reliable position sensors to electronically connect the twch, brake or accelerator mechanical pedals to the electronic control unit of the car.
These sensors require some types of redundancy levels and self-diagnostic features. Piher hall-effect sensors comply with these requirements providing OEMs the fastest time-to-market in a cost effective manner.
Throttle position sensor are made with high quality ABS material for maximum durability and high immunity to vibrations. They are used in engine electronic fuel injection systems and electronically controlled automatic transmission systems.

Our hollow-shaft angle automotive sensors are ready to fit existing mechanical designs and will behave reliably with an easy installation (plug & play) and virtually no maintenance even on heavy-duty or harsh environmental conditions.car potentiometer

Different redundancy level pedal sensor versions are available. Two sensors may be ganged to the same pivoting shaft for redundancy.

Two stacked standard PST-360 sensors for brake pedal feedback pictured below:

car hall sensor

Features and benefits:

  • Built-in redundancy.
  • Flexible integration and output protocol.
  • Truly contactless operation (no wear).
  • Self-Monitoring.
  • Immunity to dust, moisture, vibration and extreme temperatures.
  • IP69K protection.
  • Absolute position feedback: position is not lost even on power loss.
  • Easy to install (plug and go).
  • Maintenance free.
  • Light solution.
  • No complex signal processing.
  • High resolution: up to 14-bit.
  • Robust, compact & low profile.
  • Programmable switch option: for example to turn the brake lights on o turn count.
  • Competitive pricing and fast delivery.
  • Committed to service excellence.
  • RoHS and REACH compliant.
  • Measurement range from 0º to 360°.

Piher provides throttle pedal position sensors for the following industries:

  • Automotive / land vehicle.
  • Motorsports / racing throttle Position Sensor, Fly By Wire Contactless. Single and Dual Outputs..
  • Off-road vehicles.
  • Medical / mobility.

Standard sensors can be tailored to customer's needs. Please contact us for more information.


Other car applications for our rotary sensors and controls:


• 4x4 four wheel drive selector switch- electronic traction control.
• Absolute steering wheel angle sensor.
• Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS).
• Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).
• Airbag switch.
• Automated, manual and dual clutch transmission measurement.
• Automotive/truck exterior control systems.
• Body and chassis measuring travel or angle position.
• Brake cylinder position sensor.
• Brake: cylinder brake pedal position sensor. Wear indicator
• Bus level position.
• Door/tailgate position sensor.
• Electrical Power System (EPS).
• Electrical Stability Program (ESP).
• E-motor rotor position.
• Gear selection sensor.
• Headlamp levelling & switches.
• Height & suspension levelling sensor.
• HVACR air mix flap sensor..
• Infotainment.
• Instrument Panel light dimmers + Interior light control.
• Lever position feedback sensor.
• Mirror memory.
• Parking radar / convertable hood control.
• Pedal position sensor.
• Power steering.
• Power sunroof control.
• Powertrain.
• Rear axle steering and individual steer sensor.
• Seat belt switch.
• Seat position memory.
• Seat temperature controls.
• Steering column controls.
• Swirl actuator.
Throttle / EGR valve and gear position sensor.
• Transmission control.
• Trunk / boot position.
• Windshield wiper.