Position Sensors, Speed Sensors and Potentiometers

Level sensors - resistor cards.

Lever-type senders are variable resistors used to measure the level of liquid in connection with an electrical display unit. These are often called ceramic "fuel cards" or Oil Level Switches.
Fuel level senders for automotive vehicles conventionally include a housing carrying a potentiometer resistor connected to an electrical gauge unit which supplies current to the resistor.


A potentiometer wiper element is connected to a float operated arm which is pivoted to the sender housing such that the wiper element moves along the resistor as the fuel level varies.
Fuel level sensors, immersible magnetic probes and float switches are ussually customised to the shape of the tank and use thick film technology with laser trimming to achieve tight tolerances (useful for critical fuel levels) together with extended wear characteristics.
Segmented conductors tracks  (discrete resistance steps) are printed to provide a step-function output. The same technology can be sued to produce Air mass (air) flow sensors (MAF).

We manufacture Hall-effect working-principle and Thick-film variable resistor fuel level sensors with benefits compated to:

  • Resistance Wire.
  • SMD Resistance.
  • Capacitance level sensors.
  • Hydrostatic level sensors.
  • Magnetoresistive level sensors.
  • Hydrostatic level sensors.
  • Optical level sensors.
  • Reed level sensors.