Position Sensors, Speed Sensors and Potentiometers

Warehouse robots sensors

Automated logistics Warehouse robots sensors have drive motors for movement for the lifting mechanism. They also have motors for turning around.

These movements have to be precisely logged and measured. This is acomplished with  ultrasonic sensors, laser pointers, LiDAR, cameras and position sensors to output accurate data on 3D orientation of the robot.

Piher position and angle sensors inform the Robot Control Unit knows the gripper angle, lift position and the navigation direction to the picking or the charging stations, allowing safe and smooth operation.



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Piher´s sensing encoders can be used in:

- Intelligent bots position sensors.
- Industrial robot arm position sensors.
- Industrial-Grade Robots position sensors.
- Autonomous pick and deliver robots.
- Mobile manipulator angle sensor.
- Mobile arm carrying goods robot.
- Logistics robot.
- Agriculture robot.
- Cleaning robot.
- Pet caring robot.
- Guarding robot .