Position Sensors, Speed Sensors and Potentiometers

Professional audio-video potentiometers


Piher can provide electronic components for professional audio equipment OEM manufacturers, including Electric guitars and bass potentiometers, potentiometers for music effects pedals, potentiometers for professional amplifiers, potentiometers for sound mixers, potentiometers for digital recording products, potentiometers for midi controllers, synthesizers controls potentiometers, keyboards-pianos-organs potentiometers , presets and tone potentiometers, potentiometers for grooveboxes, DJ Mixers potentiometers, Professional Lighting Control Systems .


From CD players, Musical Instruments, Stereo Systems & VCR´s through Computer peripherals to TV´s & Monitors you´ll find Piher.

The N6 taped on reel for automatic insertion is used in many different applications in the high volume TV, Set-Top box and Monitor markets displacing the PT10 which now finds itself in a new role as a volume, tone and balance control in multimedia speakers. The PTC-15 is employed as a focus control in high precision monitors, the PC-16 used as a control for Musical Instrument amplifiers and signal processors and the E15 providing an innovative solution for Monitors, Amplifiers, Stereo Systems and such the like as a multi-function mode select control allowing the adjustment of all the equipments parameters with the use of a single dial.

  • FM/AM stereo tuner with RDS.
  • Manual phonograph pitch control.
  • Surround receiver with HDMI repeater.
  • Carrousel multi-disc player.
  • Full HD Blu-Ray player.
  • Sound bar system.
  • Docking audio for phone.
  • DJ controller potentiometer.
  • Streaming audio.
  • Mic preamplifiers.
  • Compressor/limiters.
  • Panning in audio mixer.
  • Equalizers & filters.
  • Guitar pedal and preamps.
  • Gangable potentiometers.
  • Potentiometers indented with stopping points.
  • Linear or audio taper center detent potentiometer.
  • Dual concentric audio taper potentiometer.
  • Wireless Intercom Base Station & Transceivers.
  • Active Pickups & Preamp.
  • Rapid prototyping.