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Contactless sensing - Hall effect sensors



Measurement of angular position by varying magnetic field amplitude through the displacement of a moving magnet has been developed intensively over the last 15 years. However, these solutions have limits in terms of angular range and temperature influence.


Piher has developed high performance non-contacting rotary position sensors for automotive, agricultural, industrial, off-road, marine and medical applications without the limitations of potentiometric solutions. Our contactless sensing offers 360° electrical angles without deadband. Our technology allows the decoding of the absolute rotary (angular) position from 0 to 360º with virtually unlimited service life.

How it works

magneticFieldLines1Combinated with the appropriate signal processing, the magnetic flux density of a small magnet (diametric magnetization) rotating tangential (through-hole sensors) or above (end-of-shaft sensors), the IC can be measured without contact—computing angular information from the vectoral components of flux density (i.e. BX and BY) from which an output signal (analogue, PWM or Serial Protocol) proportional to the decoded angle is produced. A configurable switch output is also integrated within the sensor.

Since our rotary position sensors do not rely on internal gears to afford 360º absolute positioning, they are truly non-contact compared to similar solutions in the market.

The use of non-contacting technology guarantees a long service life plus extremely reliability even under extreme conditions and make our sensors ideal for use in industrial, marine, agricultural, mining, constructions and similar environments. We design and mnaufacture position sensors for angle measurement and steering column switches, Indicator switches for operator controls.

Main features

• Low cost. Low profile (space saving thin angular sensor)
• Linearity: ±1% absolute (0.5% upon request)
• Simple & robust magnetic design with True passing hollow shaft or D-shaft versions available
• Programmable Angular Range up to 360 Degrees (without dead band)
• Programmable Linear Transfer Characteristic(some positive slopes & one negative slope can be programmed in the same transfer characteristic; up to 4 programmable points)
• Selectable Analog (Ratiometric), PWM, Serial Protocol, CAN SAE J1939, CAN OPEN.

• Programmable switch output
• Up to 14 bit angular resolution
• Full Redundant option
• Self-Diagnostic features
• Rotational life: 50.000.000 cycles (depending on application and mounting)
• Operating temperature: -40ºC to +150ºC
• Supply voltage: 5V ±10% (others upon request)
• +10V over voltage protection and –10V reverse voltage protection
• Protection class up to IP69K. Ruggedized to withstand harsh or heavy-duty applications.

Application examples

• Non-Contacting long life angle/position sensor
• Absolute Rotary position sensor
• Pedal position sensor
• Throttle/EGR valve and gear position sensors / Angle sender for throtlle valve
• Chassis height & suspension sensor
• Plant automation angular position sensor
• Non-Contacting potentiometer with Non-Contact Off-Axis rotary position measurements.
• Float-Level sensor
• Motor-shaft position sensor
• Turn counter
• Automated gear selection position sensor
• Chassis ride height position sensor
• Precision robotics,industrial equipment and HVAC monitoring & control...
• Power-train sensors
• Joystick
• Automated gear selection sensor
• Material handling and drilling equipment.
• Valve feedback position sensor.
• Dental chairs and patient lifts .
• Forklift, trailer/truck, bus, agricultural vehicles and crane position sensors
• Valve actuators angle position sensors
• Engine & vehicle stability management sensors
• Solar trackers position sensors
• Crankshaft sensors
• Neutral gear sensors
Transmision sensors
• Rugged industrial sensors for the Oil and Gas Industry.
• Lift position sensors
• Boon angle sensors
• Brake Pedal position sensors / Accelerator position sender
• Automated gear selection
• Grape harvesters position sensors
• Steering torque sensors
• Pivot arm angle sensors
• Autosports / motor sports angle sensors
• Wind power generators position sensors
• Suspension sensors
• Air intake sensors (Air flow)
• Clutch position sensors. Gear and Shift sensor. Tailgate position sensor
• Aeronautic position sensors
• Steering column sensor. Multiturn sensors.
• Medical devices
• Precision Programmable angle position sensor
• Sensor for tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry
• Rotary joints & gimbals sensor
• Factory & laboratory automation and process control
• Cost effective replacement for hollow / through shaft resolvers
• Rotary hollow / through shaft position sensors
• Off-highway & motorsport
• Control System Feedback Loops
• Public transportation vehicles position sensor
• PLCs non-contact sensors
• Harvester position sensor
• Food processing equipment
• Construction machines position sensor
• Magnetic and optical encoders replacement
• Levelling valve sensor
• Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)
• Suspension headlight level sensor
• Height distance sensor
• Industry 4.0 sensor
• Suspension ride height sensor
• Paper or film processing tensioning sensor.
• Snorkel Lift Angular sensor.
• Self-driving vision guided vehicles (VGVs) steering sensor
• Gearless conveyor drives (GCDs)
• Electrical control and instrumentation (EC&I)
• Mills / Indexers / Rotary Tables / Automatic Parts Loaders / Robot Systems


Revolutionary thinking

Since position sensing in extreme enviroments can be challenging, we have developed tough and accurate solutions for different scenarios. Feel free to further read about them in the following links:

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Custom position sensing solutions

Our hall effect position sensors provide an analog voltage absolute output proportional to shaft rotation over a total range of 360°.