Position Sensors, Speed Sensors and Potentiometers

Contactless position sensors

Piher is a specialist designer and manufacturer of true non-contact absolute on Tier One and OEM platforms including contactless magnetic technology complete sub-assemblies.

With truly non-contact position sensing (no gears inside subject to wear), high repeatability, low power consumption and wireless option, these sensors provide an all-in-one integrated and maintenance-free position transmitter solution for Hostile environments. Thanks to its unique and patented design, Piher can provide fully magnetic Hall Effect contactless position feedback in through-shaft configurations.

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Piher Arc position sensors (2-piece) adapt to the customer´s shaft so they do not require extra-operations such as assembly of magnet & sensor unlike other solutions in the market.

Applications examples:
•    Agricultural, forestry, material handling and construction sensor
•    Pedal on axis (end-of-shaft) and off-axis (side-shaft or through-shaft) angle sensor
•    Marine engine shifter control
•    Steering wheel angle and steer-by-wire
•    Engine throttle control
•    Transmission engine
•    Joystick control
•    Active suspension sensor
•    Valve actuators angle position sensors
•    Motor-shaft position sensor
•    Non-Contacting potentiometer
•    Articulated joint angular position sensor
•    Transmission & gearshift sensor
•    Medical devices
•    Unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs)
•    Electronically Controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (ECVT)
•    Electromagnetic powder clutch
•    ECVT control system

Our position transducers and rotary sensors can be inductive, hall-effect touchless and potentiometric.


Measurement of angular position using variation of magnetic field amplitude induced by the displacement of a moving magnet has been intensively developed over the last fifteen years. However, these solutions have limits in terms of angular range and temperature influence.

This touchless technology is only sensitive to the flux density coplanar with the IC surface. This allows to decode the absolute rotary (angular) position from 0 to 360 degrees. It enables the design of high performance non-contacting magnetic rotary position sensors for both automotive and industrial applications whithout the limitations of potentiometric solutions (wear, electrical angle...).

In combination with the appropriate signal processing, the magnetic flux density of a small magnet (diametral magnetization) rotating above the IC can be measured in a non-contacting way. The angular information is computed from both vectorial components of the flux density (i.e. BX and BY). Then an output signal proportional to the decoded angular position is produced. Our sensors do not rely on expensive bearings what affords Piher to offer the best price in the market. The output is selectable between Analog, PWM and Serial Protocol. A configurable switch ouptput is integrated within the sensor.
Redundancy is also integrated in the circuit and furthermore you can request a dual-chip sensor for true full redundancy which comprises a dual switch output.

The key feature in this hollow shaft Hall effect transducer technology is the ability to sense true absolute 360° position of a shaft using only a ring magnet and one ASIC.  This is ideal not only in SAS applications but other rotary / pivot point sensing applications common on commercial and off highway vehicles where direct sensing has been difficult to achieve.  

The proprietary feature of PST is its use of the applications existing shaft and bearing assembly. The sensing element is in a fixed position, typically common to the bearing mountings.  As the bearings approach their end of life tolerances and create play on the rotating shaft,  the PST fixed sensing element accommodates this unstable state, maintaining its original linearity specification.   

The density of these two magnetic fields allows for a consistent and repeatable sensing of the fields even when there are changes in radial and axial position.  Phrased differently, even with excessive bearing play the technology can still achieve highly accurate position feedback, typically in the +/- 1% range that is common in SAS applications.

Sensing the position, avoiding contact.

The touchless variable air gap sensor creates immunity to radial and axial play on mobile shafts where significant misalignment results in poor operational performance and labour intensive maintenance programmes.
A round or arc magnet (where 360º rotation angle is unnecessary) is attached to rotating parts of kit, such as boom loaders, skid steer buckets and hitch arms, and the electronics module to the chassis (or vice versa).
Here, the magnet is separated from the electronics module.

Unparalleled Performance and Integration. Truly non-contacting sensing.

360 degrees true contactless sensor

Piher rotary contactless absolute angle sensors and hall effect linear position sensors can be sealed and flange mounted for easy positioning when necessary. They provide excellent repeatability, accuracy, resolution, linearity and high stability under extreme environment conditions such as vibration, electromagnetic noise, shock, extreme temperatures / humidity, dither, moisture or dirt.

Featuring a modular architecture, electrical & mechanical characteristics can be fully customised to customer´s needs.Endless connector / harness configurations and spring return are available too.

Piher is a specialist designer and manufacturer of true non-contact absolute sensors for use in harsh environments and custom product tailoring for use on Tier One and OEM platforms including contactless magnetic technology complete sub assemblies.

Main features

• Low cost. Low profile
• Linearity: ±1% absolute (0.5% upon request)
• Simple & robust magnetic design
• Programmable Angular Range up to 360 Degrees (without dead band)
• Programmable Linear Transfer Characteristic(some positive slopes & one negative slope can be programmed in the same transfer characteristic; up to 4 programmable points)
• Selectable Analog (Ratiometric), PWM, Serial Protocol, CAN SAE J1939
• Programmable switch output
• Up to 14 bit angular resolution
• Full Redundant option
• Self-Diagnostic features
• Rotational life: 50.000.000 cycles (depending on application and mounting)
• Operating temperature: -40ºC to +150ºC
• Supply voltage: 5V ±10% (others upon request)
• +10V over voltage protection and –10V reverse voltage protection
• Protection class up to IP69K
• No gearing, no wear
• Absolute position sensing, position data is not lost when power is lost ot removed

Application examples

• Non-Contacting long life angle/position sensor
• Absolute rotary position sensor, angle encoder without bearings
• Pedal position sensor
• Throttle/EGR valve and gear position sensors / Angle sender for throtlle valve
• Height & suspension sensor
• Plant automation
• Non-Contacting potentiometer
• Float-Level sensor
• Motor-shaft position sensor
• Turn counter
• Automated gear selection position sensor
• Chassis ride height position sensor
• Precision robotics,industrial equipment and HVAC monitoring & control...
• Power-train sensors
• Joystick
• Automated gear selection sensor
• Material handling and drilling equipment.
• Valve feedback position sensor.
• Dental chairs and patient lifts .
• Forklift, trailer/truck, bus, agricultural vehicles and crane position sensors
• Valve actuators angle position sensors.
• Smart flap / door actuator.
• Engine & vehicle stability management sensors
• Solar trackers position sensors
• Specialty vehicles position sensors
• Crankshaft sensors
• Neutral gear sensors
• Transmision sensors
• Lift position sensors
• Brake Pedal position sensors / Accelerator position sender
• Automated gear selection
• Grape harvesters position sensors
• Steering torque sensors
• Pivot arm angle sensors
• Autosports / motor sports angle sensors
• Wind power generators position sensors
• Suspension sensors
• Air intake sensors (Air flow)
• Clutch position sensors. Gear and Shift sensor. Tailgate position sensor
• Aeronautic position sensors
• Steering column sensor
• Medical devices
• Precision Programmable angle position sensor
• Sensor for tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry
• Rotary joints & gimbals sensor
• Factory & laboratory automation and process control
• Cost effective replacement for hollow / through shaft resolvers
• Rotary hollow / through shaft position sensors
• Off-highway & motorsport
• Control System Feedback Loops• Public transportation vehicles position sensor
• Harvester position sensor
• Food processing equipment
• Elevators
• Forklift swing rear truck rotary sensor
• Rotary hand control
• Construction machines position sensor
• Magnetic / optical encoders replacement, inductive displacement sensors and transducers cost-effective alternative.

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Concentric rotary touchless sensor.
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Linear touchless position sensor.
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Hollow / through shaft non-contacting 360° rotary position sensor
Hollow / through shaft hall-effect rotary position sensor
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Hollow / through shaft mechanical mount rotary position sensor with integral PCB for fast and easy mounting
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Shaft-driven contactless sensor(hall-effect)
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Shaft-driven panel mount sensor (hall-effect)
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Compact Panel Mount Hall-Effect Rotary Sensor with Mechanical Stop
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Compact Panel Mount Hall-Effect Rotary Sensor
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Touchless variable gap arc sensor

Custom magnetic Hall effect variable air gap sensor maintains stable electrical output and specified linearity on mobile shafts despite radial and axial movements
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 Expert advise


MTS-360 product has been developed through the project titled “Research and development of sensors for medical devices”, co-funded by Sociedad Estatal para la Promoción y Atracción de las Inversiones Exteriores, S.A., (The State Company for the Promotion and Attraction of Foreign Investment, plc.) part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Competitiveness, and co-funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

El producto MTS-360 ha sido desarrollado a través del proyecto “INVESTIGACION Y DESARROLLO EN SENSORES PARA APLICACIONES MEDICAS”, cofinanciado por la Sociedad Estatal para la Promoción y Atracción de Inversiones Exteriores S.A del Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, y cofinanciado por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER).Shift-by-wire actuator HMI sensor.

Replacement for inductive sensors. Angle positioning. Magnetic sensors for non contact measurement. Magnetostrictive Sensor superior replacement. Position feedback protocols supported:PWM, SPI (serial), analog.


Piher is a specialist designer and manufacturer of true non-contact absolute on Tier One and OEM platforms including contactless magnetic technology complete sub-assemblies.

With truly non-contacting sensing (no gears inside subject to wear), high repeatability, low power consumption and wireless option, Piher’s contactless sensors provide an all-in-one integrated and maintenance-free solution for harsh environments. Thanks to its unique and patented design, Piher can provide fully magnetic Hall Effect contactless position feedback in through-shaft configurations.


·         Agricultural, forestry, material handling and construction sensor.

·         Pedal angle sensor.

·         Marine engine shifter control.

·         Steering wheel angle and steer-by-wire.

·         Engine throttle control.

·         Transmission engine.

·         Joystick control.

·         Active suspension sensor.

·         Valve actuators angle position sensors.

·         Motor-shaft position sensor.

·         Non-Contacting potentiometer.

·         Articulated joint angular position sensor.

·         Transmission & gearshift sensor.

·         Medical devices.