Position Sensors, Speed Sensors and Potentiometers

Autonomous driving steering angle sensor.

Drive-by-wire offer so many benefits, significantly reduces the number of moving parts in a vehicle by replacing conventional mechanical throttle, braking and steering systems with electronics and position sensors.

CAV's, autonomous shuttles and EV's manufacturers are removing the steering wheel and pedals in their path to fully autonomous self-driving but they still need sterring angle feedback for a closed loop safety systems, vehicle stability and electronic park assist. With hollow shaft and touchless sensors, Piher provides a "plug and play" angle feedback devices able to withstand the toughest conditions.

Our advanced driver assistance steering angle sensors have been designed for extreme environments and will securely convert mechanical motion / position to electrical feedback of the steering actuator to the microprocesor. Piher onboard position sensors allow drive by wire allow autonomous operation with smart steering for precision down to the centimeter.

Sealing, protection agains external magnetic fields, redundancy, integrated temperature compensation and high-end materials assure that the device will not need maintenance during the whole driverless car´s life.

In contrast with incremental sensors, Piher sensors'  output is absolute, so the position output will not be lost if a power outrage occurs.

steering sensors

Quick Deployment thanks to proven know-how and construction techniques

Electronic Power Steering (EPS) is a must for self-driving cars where an array of sensors feed the main CPU that actuates the steering column.

Tear and wear free, our compact hall-based sensors provide absolute position sensing to the control unit that will allow the control unit calculate the rotation direction and speed.

The PST-360 angle sensor can assist the following systems too:

  • Advanced driver assistant systems (ADAS).
  • Light-weighting steering sensor.
  • ACC adaptive cruise control.
  • Steering torque sensor for torsion bar.
  • Electro-hydraulic power steering.
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC).
  • Antenna pointing angle sensor.
  • Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) sensor.
  • Attitude control.
  • Adaptive steering mode for comfort.
  • Optical sensors replacement for hydraulic or electric steering.
  • Auto zero point SAS calibration.
  • Automatic transmission.
  • Double clutch / cual clutch transmission.
  • ELECTRIC MOTOR position and direction feedback.
  • Steer-by-wire, throttle by wire.

Magnetic angle sensors technology you will find in the market are Hall Effect, Variable reluctance, Giant Magneto Resistive. Piher uses improved Hall Effect position sensing for electrified powertrain, connected infotainment, body, shassis, safety, and driver information position.

  • Steering wheel switches
  • Self-diagnostics steering wheel angle sensor.
  • Head lamp switches
  • Window lift switches
  • Electric park brake switches
  • Instrument panel switches
  • Complex rotary switches.
  • Integrated electronic control panels potentiometer.
  • HVAC controls and sensor.
  • Steering column control modules potentiometer switch.
  • Access systems controls.

Regarding the steering wheel switches, we can manufacture a variety of fail-safe products (linear and rotary movement detectors) for:

  • Steering column switch Turn Signal control.
  • Steering column switch Wiper Switch .
  • Steering wheel switch control stalks.
  • Steering column switch multifunction switch.
  • Steering column switch windshield wiper control.
  • Steering column switch windshield washer control.
  • Steering column switch cruise hand control.
  • Steering column turn signal switch.
  • Steering knob position.
  • “Columnless”.
  • EH valve or manifold in steer-by-wire (SbW).

These can be printed PCB based, printed potentiometers or hall-effect switches.

Why Piher

With over 60 years perfecting product design, automation and process stability for bespoke and standard sensors and controls, Piher is a company with a heritage you can trust.

From engine management to safety systems, consider us your global partner for all your automotive sensing needs. We deliver innovative solutions and high-performing products with the finest customer support-bringging the best results to you and your customers.

Autonomous driving ADAS and human machine interfaces are gaining traction worldwide while Piher launches a wide range of advanced sensing and control technologies.