Position Sensors, Speed Sensors and Potentiometers

Printed electronics

The rise of sensors and electronics that conform to soft and complex surfaces has grown exponentially, accelerated by new applications for the Internet of Things, wearables and medical devices. Fabricated on flexible plastic substrates or printed and woven into fabrics, these technologies offer advantages such as mechanical flexibility, weight savings, and lower profiles—opening up opportunities to apply sensors and electronics in novel ways not achievable in the past.

Printed position sensors:
Printed position sensors are the most cost-effective position sensing devices in the market while featuring millions of cycles of mechanical life, low power consumption, extended operational temperature and absolute positioning feedback without external electronics.
Our variable ceramic and PCB carbon printed sensors afford simple integration and can operate in harsh environments without requiring periodic replacement thus minimizing downtime and being a low-cost alternative to magnetic and optical encoders.


Carbon printing electronics:
Our market-leading thick-film technology can be used to deposit any combination of fixed resistors, switches, keypads, potentiometer tracks and conductors onto virtually any size, shape or PCB form. This versatility offers an enormous range of design possibilities at competitive prices, even in low batch quantities.

• Robust for harsh environments.
• Low profile.
• Reduced component count & soldered connections.
• No assembly and soldering required..
• Cost and size reduction
• Laser trimmimg for accurate voltage divider ratios.
• Switch, fixed resistors and potentiometer will be printed at the same time.

Download Printed PCB Resistors datasheet

Quick turnaround times provide our customers the fastest time-to-market in a cost-effective manner.

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•    Mirror memory
•    Fuel level
•    Strip and ring tactile potentiometer tracks
•    Climate controls
•    Headlight position
•    Power sunroof
•    Pedal / throttle (TPS) position sensor
•    Instrument panel and steering column controls
•    Domestic and industrial light dimmers / switches
•    Power tool speed controls
•    Seat heating and memory position