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Amphenol is a single source for high-tech sensors for both manufacturers and consumers. With more than 65 years experience, Amphenol leads the way in the design and manufacture of high quality sensors.

Our flange mount gear tooth speed sensors have  been designed to precisely calculate the speed and direction in demanding environments such as vehicle’s transmission.

Custom product design packaging can be easily provided to 
meet any form, fit and function including the choice of
wire harness and interface connector.

Features and benefits

•  Speed and direction feedback
•  Wide operating temperature of up to 150ºC [302ºF]
•  Compact and rugged for automotive & industrial areas
•  Sealed for harsh environments: IP67  
•  Resistant to moist and high vibration environments such as engines, transmissions, brakes and chassis systems
•  Output:
     - A/B signal
     - Two wire current source
•  ESD protection
•  Easily customiseable cable or connector interface
•  Fast and near zero speed sensing capable

Specifications for the two wire current source standard versions

Airgap 1.5mm
Max. installation torque 50 in-lbs (for a 1/4 - 20 bolt or M6 X 1)
Operating voltage range 4-24 VDC
Supply current typ. 8.5mA
Operating Temperature -40° to 150° C
Storage Temperature Range -55° to 150°C
Output Risetime 10µS
Output Falltime 10µS
Bulk Current Injection ISO 11452-4 (2011) 1MHz to 400MHz; 100mA
Conducted inmunity ISO 7637-2 (2011)
ESD ISO 10605 (2008) ±8kV
Conducted Emissions    CISPR 25 (2008)
Maximum Speed 10kHz


• Vehicle transmission
• Wheel speed  
• Engine speed  
• Anti-lock braking systems
• Speedometers
• Automation systems. Anti-lock braking systems. Camshaft & crankshaft speed / position / direction. Flow meter, Anti-Skid / traction control. Spedometers. Tachometers. Linear & rotary encoder. Conveyor belt speed and distance. Hoist speed and direction. Pump speed feedback. Stop motion detector. CNC machines. Sproket speed. Counters. Wind turbines.

  • Automatic transmission position and speed sensor.
  • Double clutch transmission position and speed sensor.
  • Electric motor sensor position and speed sensor.

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