Position Sensors, Speed Sensors and Potentiometers

Sensors & Controls for Electric Vehicles EV.

As the industry strives to meet tighter emission regulations, powertrain technologies and electrification of vehicles is evolving in order to optimise performance efficiency and cost using position and angle sensors that help avoiding energy losses.

Electric propulsion is taking over almost every segment of transportation and now it’s even getting into heavy machinery - this progress is demonstrated by the hybridization of some mobile machinery as well as the announcement from the biggest players in the market that they are working on releasing full electric product lines as well.

Piher sensors technology & capabilities.
Sensors & Controls for EV. Powertrain & HVAC/R


  • Seat Position & Seat Belt Switch
  • Powertrain & HVAC/R sensors
  • Power Steering
  • Shifter & Gearbox / Transmission Position
  • Active Suspension
  • Pedal Sensor
  • HVAC Actuator
  • Fuel level sensor (fuel card)
  • Headlamp Levelling
  • Interior Controls & Steering Column Switches
  • Mirror Memory Sensors