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Industrial / Marine sensors

Smart Industry 4.0, big data collection and increased automation rely on positon sensors that precisely measure and feedback rotary and linear position and motion. This often calls for contactless solutions, with long product lifetimes and a rugged design to withstand the harsh environmental conditions the machinery operates in.

Furthermore, industrial machinery and automation systems depend on rotary controls for operation. Piher is a trusted partner for manufacurers of industrial machinery, automation and robotic systems throughout the world. We do not only provide standard solutions, but can customize our product range to our customeräs needs.

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Application examples

Industries Industrial

Robot Arm Position

Position sensors in industrial robots are used to determine the current location of the robot arm and its attachments. Our non-contact magnetic position sensors are highly accurate and can be placed in robot pivot joints where angle or linear position feedback is needed.

Contactless Rotary Position Sensors


Vacuum Circuit Breaker IoT Module

Vacuum Circuit Breaker IoT Module

High voltage industrial systems depend on vacuum circuit breakers to protect the machinery from current spikes and short circuits. To monitor the health of the trigger motor and the number of incidents, the circuit breakers can be equipped with a IoT module that feedbacks the angle and activation speed of the motor shaft and transmits it to the IoT.

Hall-effect Position Sensors


Application Timer Relay

Timer and Control Relays

Timer relays are used extensively in industrial applications, HVAC systems and building services to provide time-delayed switching. Our trimmer potentiometers provide options such as stepped outputs and mechanical stop positions that enable precise time and others function setting.

Trimmer Potentiometers

CNC machine control panel

CNC Machine Control Panels

CNC machines use various control interfaces such as working mode selection or speed selection. Our panel-mount potentiometers features a mechanical packages where the rotary movement can be combined with robust detent mechanisms to obtain a high number of mechanical stops.

Panel-Mount Potentiometers


Industrial Controls in harsh environments

In environments with especially high requirements towards ingress protection such as paint spray systems, panel-mount potentiometers based on resistive technology might reach their limits. Our panel-mount Hall-effect sensors offer a highly accurate and rugged alternative for these types of applications.

PSE-360 - Endless Rotation

PSE-290 - Mechanical Stop

Application Ventilation

Industrial Ventilation Systems

The amount of air circulating in a HVAC system is controlled by adjusting the opening angle of the ventilation flaps. Position sensors feedback the latest flap position to the system control and allow manual or automatic adjustment of the ventilation.

N-15 Contacting Position Sensor

Contactless Rotary Position Sensors



The Industrial and marine - offshore sectors new standards demand quality and high performance components; reliability and cost-efficiency is a must.

That is why Piher has been a tried and trusted supplier of linear and rotary position sensors for the industrial sector for many years. Our development and production processes are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949.

Piher´s industrial-grade hall-effect angular and linear position sensors advantages include:

  • Environmentally-sealed up to IP69K.
  • Programmable output of up to 360º even in hollow-shaft models.
  • Compact design. Ruggedized.
  • Multiple output versions.
  • Resolution of 14 bits.
  • Semi & full redudant versions.
  • Long life for maintenance-free operation.
  • Ready for custom solutions.
  • Contact and non-contact technology.
  • Cost effective compared to encoders, magnetoresistive, resolvers and other transducers technologies.


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Markets served

• Robotics equipment
• Injection machine angle sensor
• Assembly equipment
• Automotive manufacturing
• Steering systems for passenger and commercial vehiclesg
• Automotive vehicles
• Die casting machines
• Hybrid Actuation System potentiometer stroke feedback.
• Electro-Mechanical Actuator for Industry (EMA).
•Electrical and electromechanical actuator position feedback sensors.
• Elevators
• Food & Beverage
• Industrial engine controls / Industrial angular measuring system
• Lumber industry
• Machine tools
• Marine Industry
• Material handling
• Medical equipment
• Metals and metalworking
• Packaging equipment
• Paper & film converting
• Petroleum Industry
• Pneumatics & Hydraulics
• Printing equipment
• Farming machinery
• Renewable energy
• Sports equipment
• Textiles
• Earth moving and construction
• Valves
• Waste processing equipment.
• Feed screws and mixing screws.
• Industrial compactors.
• Industrial balers.
• Bulk transfer systems.
• Material applicators.
• Screeners.
• Ring spinning machine.
• Air jet spinning machine.
• Shakers.
• Separators.
• Fruit and vegetable cutters.
• Food sorting systems.
• Food dryers.
• Food washers.
• Silos/hoppers.
• Vertical form fill and seal.
• Sealing inspection system.
• Package inspection system.
• Package sealing optimization.
• Bottle conveying analysis.
• Vacuum packaging.
• Cap feeders.
• Multi length size bag feeder.
• PD pumping system.
• Poultry packing machine.

Marine applications


• Engine and thruster RPM controls
• Joystick system
• Engine throttle electronic control
• Outboard motor
• Azimut control
• Trackballs for all-electric ferries vessels
• Outboard motor
• Offshore cranes
• Outboard motor
• Inboard/outboard (ΙO) based power systems
• Diesel engine, electronic injector control
• Rudder position sensor on boats
• Trim tab and plain position
• Drive tilt and drive gimbal position
• Digital roll fin stabilizer
• Auto pilot feedback and controls
• Drive by wire systems, control and feedback

Industrial applications


• Ventilation and process control
• Material handling
• Heavy duty machines
• Throttle/speed control
• Pedal position sensor
• Inductive rotation sensor replacement
• Lift and shuttle position and control
• Steering position
• Accelerator switch.
• Accelerator pedal.
• Angle position sensor.
• T switch range.
• Key-operated switch.
• Multifunctional steering wheel sensor with wig-wag signal.
• Tiller Head sensor.
• Control handle.
• Finger joystick.
• Mono finger joystick potentiometer.
• Thumb 1 axis joystick sensor for operator panels.
• Motor-shaft position sensor
Warehouse robots position sensor
• Precision robotics, industrial equipment and HVAC monitoring & control

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