Position Sensors, Speed Sensors and Potentiometers

Applications - Market segments

Off road / highway vehicles

Piher rugged contactless positions sensors are suitable for harsh enviroments, therefore can be used with superior performance in heavy duty vehicles such as truck, cranes excavators, forklifts, bulldozers, etc.

Piher´s sensors have a long operational life and are shock and vibration resistant.

Contactless Hall effect technology provides safe and accurate position feedback for extreme environments so it is the preferred choice for pedal position, steering, steer-by-wire systems, Throttle/EGR Valve and Gear Position Sensor, height & suspension applications for stability regulation.







Piher´s position sensors and controls are widely used in the land vehicle market.

The Automotive market is one of the key drivers of Piher’s success. Demanding new and cost effective ideas year on year has shaped the company in to what it is today: proactive and customer driven. Since the seventies Piher has served the key USA and European Automotive OEM’s and component suppliers and has developed an expertise in providing custom Control and Sensor solutions unrivalled in today’s Automotive sector.

Thanks to sensors, cars are getting "smarter", more efficient, and safer, and here we are to help!

Typical applications for Piher Sensors and Controls are:

• Heating, ventilating + Air aconditioning
• Instrument Panel light dimmers / Headlamp levelling / Headlamp switches + Interior light control
• Mirror memory
• Infotainment
• Windshield wiper
• Parking radar / Convertable hood control
• Seat position
• Power sunroof
• Transmission control
• Airbag switch
• Powertrain
• Trunk / Boot position
• Swirl actuator
• Seat temperature controls
• Turn counter
Brake Pedal Position Sensor
• Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor
Power steering
• Clutch Pedal Position Sensor
• Throttle / EGR Valve and Gear Position Sensor
• Motor-shaft Position Sensor
• Height & suspension Sensor
• Motor-shaft Position Sensor
• Motor/movement control (closed-loop feedback)

Along with the acquisition of a prestigious array of quality awards representative of this sector: ISO 9001, QS9000, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949, Piher’s products are listed in the IMDS database providing detailed information on product recyclability.

Piher´s Hall effect sensors help complying with reduction of pollutant emissions from vehicles.

All vehicles equipped with a diesel engine will be required to substantially reduce their emissions of nitrogen oxides as soon as the Euro 6 standard enters into force. For example, emissions from cars and other vehicles intended to be used for transport will be capped at 80 mg/km (an additional reduction of more than 50% compared to the Euro 5 standard). Combined emissions of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides from diesel vehicles will also be reduced. These will be capped at, for example, 170 mg/km for cars and other vehicles intended to be used for transport.

Green Cars Initiative

Piher is listed in the Spanish capabilities in the Eco-electro Road Mobility Sector and the FP7 Green Cars Initiative directory that shows the capabilities and interests of Spanish Organizations involved in activities related to the European Green Cars Initiative. These organizations, large and small private and public entities, show that Spain has a strong base from which to pursue opportunities in meeting the growing needs for eco and electric mobility, both at national and international levels. Electric and eco-mobility is a relatively new industry segment that includes vehicle manufacturers and assemblers, manufacturers of automotive parts and electrical equipment, engineering and consulting companies, utilities, technological centres, universities and public research centres.

- hall effect sensing displacement transducers for transportation


Industrial / Marine

The Industrial sector not only demands quality and high performance components; reliability is a must. That is why Piher has been a tried and trusted supplier to this sector for many years.

Markets served

• Robotics equipment
• Assembly equipment
• Automotive manufacturing
• Automotive vehicles
• Die casting machines
• Elevators
• Food & Beverage
• Industrial engine controls
• Lumber industry
• Machine tools
• Marine Industry
• Material handling equipment
• Medical eqpt.
• Metals and metalworking
• Packaging Eqpt.
• Paper & film converting
• Petroleum Ind.
• Pneumatics & Hydraulics
• Printing equipment
• Renovable energy
• Sports equipment
• Textiles
• Valves

Marine application


• Throttle position sensor
• Outboard motor
• Inboard/outboard (ΙO) based power systems
• Diesel engine, electronic injector control
• Rudder position
• Trim tab and plain position
• Drive tilt and drive gimbal position
• Auto pilot feedback and controls
• Drive by wire systems, control and feedback
• Material handling
• Heavy duty

Industrial application


• Throttle/speed control
• Pedal position sensor
• Lift and shuttle position and control
• Steering position
• Motor-shaft Position Sensor
• Precision robotics, industrial equipment and HVAC monitoring & control



The Appliance Electronics segment encompasses all domestic electrical and electronic apparatus such as washing machines, ovens/ranges, toasters, blender/mixers, water heaters, air conditioners, garage door openers, power tools, light dimmers, temperature controls/thermostats, motion+smoke detectors, sewing machines, vacuum cleaners, speed controlers… Also included are multimedia, telecommunications, instrumentation, electro-medical, power supplies, CATV systems, TV antennas, ballasts...

A prerequisite for success in this high volume sector is to continuously innovate cost effective and flexible solutions for our customers demands. The PT product family adapts itself perfectly to this goal: PT's with cut track provide a unique rheostat plus on/off switch solution for light dimmers, vacuum cleaners and any device that requires an electrically isolated power level control; Boilers/ Water Heaters can be economically controlled by PT's with custom shafts / detents and even the effect of vibration in Power Tool applications can be negated by using the detent option. The N-15 SMD endless rotation potentiometer lends itself to demanding Appliance control applications where wide temperature variations and space limitations are inherent. Finally the N6 is universally employed in Home Automation & Security detectors as the lux and sensitivity controls.


Our technology, creativity and production capacity enable us to develop, innovative cost effective and highly reliable solutions to resolve our customers requirements. We put at their disposal our experience and "know-how" permitting them to achieve important technical and competitive advantages.

The N6 taped on reel for automatic insertion is used in many different applications in the high volume TV, Set-Top box and Monitor markets displacing the PT10 which now finds itself in a new role as a volume, tone and balance control in multimedia speakers. The PTC-15 is employed as a focus control in high precision monitors, the PC-16 used as a fan control potentiometer, control for Musical Instrument amplifiers and signal processors and the ST-15 providing an innovative solution for  Amplifiers, Stereo Systems and such the like as a multi-function mode select control allowing the adjustment of all the equipments parameters with the use of a single dial.

 Without doubt, wherever you look in your home you'll find Piher.

Without doubt, wherever you look in your home you'll find Piher.


Alternative & Renewable Energy sector

 Solar trackers & Wind turbines

Long life robust position sensors are required for renewable energy technology thus making Piher´s non contacting position sensors ideal for these applications.

With truly non-contacting sensing, low power consumption and wireless option, these sensors provide an all-in-one integrated and maintenance free solution for remote locations and harsh environments.

Piher´s contactless sensors are able to withstand extreme environments while providing accurate position/angle feedback with virtually unlimited life.

Our PSC-360 and PST-360 series adapt themselves to any solar tracker by combining a through-shaft design with 360º absolute position feedback.

In wind turbines Piher´s rotary displacement magnetic sensors can feedback the angle of the blades and the position of the head so as to always face the wind.

PSC360´s high resolution allows to have a precise control of the blades’ angle since it is not affected by high vibration, shock or temperature environments.

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