Position Sensors, Speed Sensors and Potentiometers

Mechatronics / Bespoke


PIHER provides off-the-shelf electronic sensors and potentiometers for hundreds of customers around the globe, but one of our main strengths is developing custom solutions thanks to highly skilled engineers who have the ability to help customers in their design and meet any custom specification.
The pursuit of the most cost-effective total solution for your needs is firmly embedded in our business philosophy, so whatever your requirements may be, be sure that Piher will deliver.

Our products are developed and manufactured with functionality and reliability in mind.



bespoke tps sensor

Technologically advanced products and subsystems are scalable and designed for the future. The combination of highly engineered systems and smarter, cost-effective controls and sensors reduces risk and increases value for our customers.

Our goal is to offer the best solutions, delivered on time and at the right price. Customers have the assurance that all products and services are backed by the proven performance of Piher, one of the most experienced and respected suppliers in the electronics industry.

Our products are typically employed for HVAC (Climate Control), AFL (Adaptive Front Lighting), Infotainment and Seat Memory & Heating in the Automotive industry and for Human Interface applications in the Consumer Electronics, Major appliances, Power Tools and Industrial/Instrumentation markets.