Piher sensing systems - custom potentiometers and position sensors

All work and no play from Piher

Design engineers of rugged vehicles want all the benefits of contactless rotary sensing (no wear and tear) without expensive over-engineered solutions to precision. They want enough accuracy, plus stable performance, over a long lifetime, despite environmental extremes. Contactless Hall-effect specialist Piher Sensors & Controls has recently launched two solutions that meet this requirement.

Piher’s novel ‘through shaft’ sensor effectively wraps around any shaft sensing directly at source. One slimline 9mm package contains two non-contacting components – a full circle magnet and an electronics module. The application-patented design can be fitted anywhere on a shaft, giving engineers the flexibility to be creative. It is easy to assemble, so production line costs are less than that of other sensor solutions. For operators, it’s about maintenance – none is needed over the product’s life.

Program manager, Jose Luis Macia said: “This contactless, through-shaft sensor delivers the same level of 360° precision and stability over at least 50 million rotational cycles as the day of installation – despite extremes of vibration, shock, temperature and contamination.”

Mind the gap

A second sensor solution creates immunity to radial and axial play on mobile shafts, where significant misalignment results in poor operational performance and labour-intensive maintenance programs. Here, Piher separates the magnet from the electronics module. An arc magnet (where 360° rotation angle is unnecessary) is attached to rotating parts of kit, such as boom loaders, skid steer buckets and hitch arms, and the electronics module to the chassis (or vice versa). Again, over 50 million cycles, stable electrical output and the specified linearity is maintained between both sensor packages despite any radial and axial play of +/- 5 to +/- 7mm (and upwards) respectively.

All Piher sensors are low-profile, yet extremely rugged and can be custom-engineered to fit existing mechanical assemblies.