Piher sensing systems - custom potentiometers and position sensors

Bespoke mechatronics. Compact angle sensors.

We help customers create break-through products across industry sectors, from medical to small appliance.

In addition to customising and configuring our established catalogue of six to 21mm rotary absolute angular position sensors. and controls, we will design and manufacture any sensor solution in any size based on our tried-and- tested potentiometer technology and processes.


Any contacting solution, any size

Typically, this includes the deployment of shafts, gears, tapers, detent, printed PCB Embedded Resistors, connectors and harnesses in a single module.


Piher´s advantage:
  • Broad range of sensors: hall effect, capacitive, inductive, reed switch, potentiometric.
  • Custom engineering and development capabilities.
  • Electronic circuitry design.
  • Magnetic simulation support: 3D mapping of magnetic actuation of the sensor / actuator.
  • Rapid prototyping.
  • In-house reliability/validation testing options.
  • Manufacturing lines ready for mass production.
  • Manufacturing factories in Spain and China.
  • Ruggedization of the magnetic sensor as per customer request.
  • 3D CAD and Solidworks mechanical design services.

The pursuit of the most cost-effective total custom-engineered sensor solution for your needs is firmly embedded in our business philosophy, whatever your requirements may be, from adapting standard products to complete new designs.

Rapid prototyping, low batches accepted, up to 360º measuring range, analog, PWM, CAN, SPI, switch outputs for Non-Contacting Rotary Position Sensors.are some of the key features offered by Piher. We provide accurate and reliable 360° non-contact angular position sensing with custom electrical angles.