Piher sensing systems - custom potentiometers and position sensors

Open circuit feature potentiometers (cut track zone).

Mainly designed for light dimming applications, Piher provides special cost-effective potentiometers with a zone of open circuit with infinite resisitive value when the wiper is located inside.

When the wiper leaves that zone, voltage readings start to happen and changes according to the shaft´s movement.


cut track pontetiometer open circuit

Working example:

In a halogen or led floor lamp we can find that there is a initial position of the potentiometer where the lamp is fully off (no light emission). 

We can have a detent at that position too (to make fully aware that we have switched it off).

Then, we rotate the potentiometer and dim up or down smoothly .

cut track opencut track

Mechanical potentiometer definition:

A mechanical potentiometer converts linear or rotary movement into a proportional stable voltage output. Hence there is a direct relationship between the output voltage and the mechanical movement.

Other Piher potentiometers applications: 

  • High Current PWM Halogen Dimmer.
  • DIY potentiometer project.
  • Potentiometer with switch.
  • LED Light Dimmer Switch AC110V 220V.
  • DC Motor Controller, Potentiometer, Voltage Control.
  • Arduino / Raspberry Pi potentiometer.
  • Potentiometer handbook.
  • Capacitive touch sense, sensitive touch control, replacement.