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Today’s patient care demands the ultimate in accurate and reliable monitoring of critical parameters. Amphenol is a pioneer in the development of new and increasingly robust sensor technology for medical applications. We offer innovative solutions, fast development cycles and excellent quality control to meet the most stringent requirements

The advantages of Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (EV/HEV) have been long-known. To the everyday driver, they offer reduced fuel costs. For the environment, they utilize renewable energy and offer reduced emissions. Challenges associated with EV/HEV stem from a limited availability of technologies to enable the use of electricity as a fuel source in a safe and cost-effective manner. With our vast automotive expertise, engineering resources and manufacturing capabilities, Amphenol Sensors offers various sensing solutions that enable automotive manufacturers to accelerate the electrification of vehicles around the world.

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Amphenol Sensors is a leading innovator in sensing technologies and measurement solutions. Offering the most diverse sensor portfolio of standard and customized products for the world’s most demanding regulatory and industry-driven applications, creating value by providing critical information for real-time decisions.

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