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The Model STS-15 offers engineers an endless rotation SMD version of the popular PT-15 rotary control. This 360° version adds endless clockwise (CW or CCW) rotation as a part of the current features of the PT-15s already highly configurable mechanical and electrical specifications. That means a wide variety of off-the-shelf mounting methods, custom ohmic (resistance) values, tight linearity performance, along with the six different rotor designs.

This potentiometer offers product designers the flexibility of allowing users full rotational access across the normal stops that have, up to now, limited mechanical rotation. With this design feature, engineers can now design product command features over a 340° range (active electrical travel).

For maximum design versatility, the endless rotation feature can be combined upon request with detents to provide users tactile feedback on each setting and selection – with up to 51 unique detent positions. Virtually any appliance rotary control requirement can be configured using the PT-15’s wide range of standard features. Other interesting optional features include stop positions (detents), a variety of rotors, long life and custom electrical angles.

Engineered to serve as a highly cost-effective control potentiometer for most consumer applications such as ovens, ranges, dishwashers, power hand tools, washing machines and HVAC systems, it also can fit many automotive convenience electronic

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Piher`s flange mount gear tooth speed sensors have  been designed to precisely calculate the speed and direction in demading enviroments such as vehicle’s transmission.

In-house R&D interdisciplinary teams dive deep to help you solve complex challenges thanks to over 60 years of experience and leadership in tried and tested technologies.

Custom product design packaging can be easily provided to meet any form, fit and function including the choice of wire harness and interface connector.


• Vehicle transmission
• Wheel speed  
• Engine speed  
• Anti-lock braking systems
• Speedometers
• Automation systems. Anti-lock braking systems. Camshaft & crankshaft speed / position / direction. Flow meter, Anti-Skid / traction control. Spedometers. Tachometers. Linear & rotary encoder. Conveyor belt speed and distance. Hoist speed and direction. Pump speed feedback. Stop motion detector. CNC machines. Sproket speed. Counters. Wind turbines.

Piher’s High Speed Inductive Position Sensor are used by hybrid/electric vehicles powertrain systems to feedback the angular position, direction and speed of the rotor shaft to optimize control of the motor inverter.

The position sensor can be mounted on the same shaft as the electric machine rotor and sensing its position accurately is critical in order to drive the motor optimally by the vehicle’s control unit.

This solution provides high speed rotary motion sensing with a robust design against external magnetic interference fields generated from sources such as electric motors.

It uses the physical principles of induction in a wire loop and eddy currents to detect the position of a solid metallic structure that is sliding or rotating above a set of coils consisting of one transmitter coil and two receiver coils.
Custom product design packaging can be provided to meet any form, fit and function including the choice of wire harness and interface connector.

Multi-step form and build your potentiometer / position sensor in less than 5 minutes!

Free service for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), electronics manufacturers (CEMs), original design manufacturers (ODMs), electronic components specifiers, product design engineers and industry-related companies.

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Programmable Hall effect sensor

  • Simple & Robust Magnetic Design.•
  • High resolution (up to 14-bit)•.
  • Absolute position feeback up to 360º (keeps position on powerloss).•
  • Low profile.•
  • Easy integration into existingsystems•.
  • Full true-redundant versions.•
  • Conceived for harsh environments applications.•
  • Protected from magnetic fields, dust, moisture, vibrations and exteme temperatures.•
  • Analog oputput ready for easy potentiometer replacement.• Multiturn.•
  • Programmable Linear TransferCharacteristic:(some positive slopes & one negative slope can be programmed in the same transfer characteristic; up to 4 programmable points)•.
  • Self-Diagnostic features•.
  • Over voltage protection and reverse voltage protection.

This innovative product family has been specifically developed to allow the integration of otherwise large and expensive external mechanisms into the body of the majority of the 6, 10 & 15 mm potentiometer series thus allowing a high range of configurations: special tapers, tolerances, linearity, cut track, etc.

This detent design not only adds a "click" sensation of position, but also offers enormous savings in both cost and space for any given application.

PT´s with detents also lend themselves perfectly to Industrial and Domestic Power Tool applications
where the detents prevent accidental movement of the potentiometer under vibration.

If high torque detents are required please see our Detent Control Mechanism (DCM) series datasheets.
Strong and weak detents (stop positions) can be mixed as per cutomer´s request.

file icon PT-6 datasheet.Tooltip 05/31/2019 Hits: 995

6mm carbon resistive element potentiometer.
IP54 protection according to IEC 60529.
Polyester substrate.

Also upon request:
• Wiper positioned at initial, 50% or fully clockwise.
• Supplied in magazines for automatic insertion.
• Long life model (10K cycles).
• Housing available in self extinguishable plastic (UL94V0).
• SMD version available (see PS-6 datasheet).
• Mechanical detents.

file icon MTS-360Tooltip 05/08/2019 Hits: 1069

Hollow shaft magnetic rotary angle and position sensor-control.

Key features
• Simple & Robust magnetic design.
• Endless rotation.
• Programmable switch output.
• Programmable Linear Transfer Characteristics
(some positive slopes & one negative slope can be programmed in the same transfer characteristic;
up to 4 programmable points; see last page).
• Self-diagnostic features.
• Over voltage protection and reverse voltage protection.

Also upon request:
• True full redundant version.

Examples of applications:
• Non-Contacting long life angle/position sensor.
• Absolute rotary position sensor
• Pedal position Sensor.
• Turn counter.
• Throttle/EGR valve and gear position sensor.
• Height & suspension sensor.
• Non-contacting potentiometer.
• Float-level sensor.
• Motor-shaft position sensor.
• Precision robotics, material handling, industrial equipment, HVAC monitoring & control, etc.

The MTS-360 provides a true breakthrough in contactless sensor technology by combining a through-shaft design with 360º absolute position feedback in an ultra miniature size. The result is the smallest fully featured rotary sensor on the market with reliability up to 50 million cycles.

With its tiny size, engineers can now integrate a fully featured rotary sensor directly on their PCB without the packaging issues that typically accompany encoders or other absolute position devices. The exceptionally low profile fits easily in places that were previously too small for pre-packaged rotary sensors.

This ultra-miniature Rotary Position Sensor is ideal in optical imaging stabilization and precision biomedical devices, optical zoom devices, consumer electronics, instrumentation, HVAC systems, automotive control systems, marine controls, fork lift trucks, farm equipment, cranes, low speed motor feedback, valve position sensors and robotic and automation feedback system.

file icon PTC-15 datasheet.Tooltip 10/19/2018 Hits: 1081

PTC-15 datasheet.

15mm cermet potentiometer.

- Cermet resistive element.
- Plastic material according to UL94V-0.
- Alumina substrate.
- IP54 protection according to IEC 60529.
- Also upon request:
  •  Wiper positioned at initial, 50% or fully clockwise.
  •  Long life model for low cost control pot. applications.
  •  Supplied in magazines for automatic insertion.
  •  Low torque option.
  •  Available as SPDT switch.
  •  Laser trimming for tighter tolerances.
  •  Mechanical detents.
  •  Special tapers.

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