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file icon A-15 3P datasheet.Tooltip 04/15/2016 Hits: 2175

360º potentiometer rotation sensor with no stops (continuous rotation).

Wide electrical feedback angle potentiometer for use in appliance or automotive controls

file icon DCM-PTT datasheet.Tooltip 04/15/2016 Hits: 2158

Multifunction potentiometer - encoder - switch for appliances.

The DCM-PTT potentiometer offers sturdiness, performance and adaptability where frequent human-machine-interface adjustment is required.

Its robust design allows for employment of different mechanisms, such as a selecting a program/function in your dishwasher or setting the temperature of a cooktop.  

Different ouptput choices are available (incremental encoder-pulse, rotary switch, absolute-analog potentiometer) and safety measures such as push-to-turn.

Detent number, connectors, mounting flanges, tact switch function and other features can be studied upon request.  

Typical applications include consumer electronics, ovens and other kitchen appliances, white and brown goods, automotive HVACR and personal care control panels.

This datasheet shows you the basics of this potentiometer that is quite versatile.

Do not hesitate to contact Piher specialists for further advice.

Main features
• Fully customiseable features:
- detents (or no detents)
- end stops
- plastic / metal shafts
- "plug-and-play" connectors
- "push to turn" function
- availability as switch, encoder or potentiometer.

• Endless Rotation.
• Wide Electrical Angle.
• Extended Mechanical Life.
• Laser trimming upon request.

file icon T-18 datasheet.Tooltip 04/15/2016 Hits: 2126

T-18 potentiometer datasheet.

file icon S-15 datasheet.Tooltip 04/15/2016 Hits: 2103

360º customiseable rotary switch.

The N-15 potentiometer/sensor series has been expanded to incorporate both encoders and rotary switches in the same package configuration allowing the user to design in any one of the three options whilst keeping the same board layout and user interface.

The S-15 switch series has been specifically designed to offer a flexible and customiseable rotary switch solution for the Automotive industry typically employed as multi-position interior/exterior lighting, Traction or Airbag enable/disable controls. The technology developed for the aforementioned S-15 solutions is also available for all types of custom switches however demanding your application may be.

file icon N-15 datasheet.Tooltip 04/15/2016 Hits: 2079

15mm potentiometer - position sensor.

file icon DCM-PT15 datasheet.Tooltip 04/15/2016 Hits: 2074

Potentiometer for appliances. Detented control mechanism.

file icon E-15 datasheet.Tooltip 04/15/2016 Hits: 2007

360º customiseable incremental encoder.

file icon NPL datasheet.Tooltip 04/15/2016 Hits: 1826

Linear/slide potentiometer.

The touchless variable air gap sensor creates immunity to radial and axial play on mobile shafts where significant misalignment results in poor operational performance and labour intensive maintenance programmes. It complements our  PS2P-LIN and PS2P-CON series of air-gap non-contact linear and angular position sensors. This is a custom solution.

Quick and easy mounting.
Maintenance free.
Flexible Automation.

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