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file icon Seat belt switch datasheet.Tooltip 03/09/2017 Hits: 2449

Piher designs and develops seat belt buckle sensors that detects when a buckle tongue is latched. This information is received by the vehicle CPU which can determine some conditions such as driving speed limitation when the buckle tongue is unlatched.

The technology used for this kind of sensors, Reed Switch or Hall Effect, provides superior performance detection even under extreme and challenging environment conditions such as dust, dirt, high vibration or temperature.

file icon T-21 datasheet.Tooltip 04/15/2016 Hits: 2402

T-21 potentiometer datasheet.

Carbon resistive element.
High mechanical endurance.
Upon request:
   Nut & washer.
   Stereo matching.
   Custom assemblies with wires and connectors.
   Switch-only versions.

file icon SM/SMC15 datasheet.Tooltip 04/15/2016 Hits: 2302

Cermet / carbon panel potentiometer.

  • Based on the PT-15 / PTC-15 series.
  • Available in carbon (SM-15) and cermet (SMC-15).
  • Enclosed in plastic housing.
  • Excellent low price control potentiometer.
  • IP54 protection according to IEC 60529.
file icon N-6 datasheet.Tooltip 01/27/2016 Hits: 2291

Best 6 mm Carbon Potentiometer

- RoHS compliant materials.
- Carbon resistive element.
- Plastic substrate.
- Over-moulding manufacturing technique.
- SMD or through hole.
- Embossed Tape (for SMD),Tape on reel, Ammopack and Magazine packaging for automatic insertion and  bulk for manual assembly.
- Wiper positioned at 50%.
- Both sides cross slot easy adjustment.
- Accidental rotor movement protected.
- Traceability insured through date code marking.
- Assembly method: stand up and lay down.

file icon SM/SMC-10 datasheet.Tooltip 04/15/2016 Hits: 2252

Cermet / carbon panel potentiometer.

file icon Z-15 datasheet.Tooltip 04/15/2016 Hits: 2252

15mm position sensor (long life).

The Z15 series offer an SMD and Through Hole mount solution for the majority of Position/Rotary Sensor and multi-purpose Control applications such as:
- Automotive HVAC, seat, rear-view mirror actuator feedback sensors and HVAC Controls.
- Temperature control for boilers, wall heaters, showers, radiators, conventional and microwave ovens, freezers...
- Timer & function/programme select for washing machines, dishwashers and all white goods in general.
- Size and position detectors.

file icon T-16 datasheet.Tooltip 04/15/2016 Hits: 2221

T-16 panel carbon potentiometer datasheet.

High mechanical endurance.

  • Detents (click stops).
  • Stereo matching.
  • Switch.
  • Nut & washer.
  • High mechanical endurance.
file icon PC-16 datasheet.Tooltip 04/15/2016 Hits: 2219

16mm control potentiometer.

Plastic material according to UL94V-0.   
Resistive element: carbon.           
Dust proof enclosure.           
Modular gang type (up to 4).   
Stereo matching.           
Nut & washer.   
Special tapers (variation laws). Standard are linear, log (audio) and antilog (reverse).
Switch option.               
Shafts available (plastic, metallic). Shaftless version available.
Custom assemblies with wiring and connectors.
Several bushings available.   
Cut track feature (open circuit zone).

file icon Airbag switch potentiometer.Tooltip 04/25/2017 Hits: 2208

Airbags have been designed to help protect adults in a moderate to severe frontal collision. To do this, the passenger’s front airbag is quite large, and it can inflate with enough force to cause very serious injuries.
There are conditions where the automatic shut off feature will not completely insure safety (seat too far forward, small child in a car seat), there could be a need to manually disarm the passeger sode airbag.

Even though the vehicle  may include an advanced front airbag system that automatically turns the passenger’s front airbag off, all manufacturers offer a manual cutoff system for an additional measure of safety.
These manual systems are typically activated or deactivated by turning them using the vehicle´s  ignition key.

Piher has developed a rotary switch that seamlessly adapts to these systems and reliably actuates the transition between the “on” and “off” states. 

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