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NamePrinted capacitive touch controls

The automotive and home appliances sectors are moving towards the replacement of electro-mechanical switches and buttons by touch-sensitive buttons thanks to its advantages in terms of cost, ease of assembly and freedom of shaping tactile controls to intuitive user interaction.

Designers have the opportunity to eliminate components count and design highly styled thin, light-weight HMI control surfaces.

Piher can provide printed touch controls where the presence of a conductive object or finger creates a capacitance change which is converted into a switch activation in the customer application.

We can print this technology with several materials or substrates such as AG nanoparticle conductive inks, conductive polymer PEDOT, carbon (reinforcing connector contact parts) and dielectric layers that allows flexibility, bendability  and other mechanical properties to be included in a wide range of flat or 3D surfaces.

By using a translucent substrate, our films and touch sensors allow low cost, low power, low weight and low profile backlit designs (i.e. led light goes through the substrate).

Having its own R&D capability, Piher fully customizes the capacitive touch sensors to the requirements of the application specifications.

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