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Details for PSC-360U rotary position sensor.
NamePSC-360U rotary position sensor.

Programmable Hall effect sensor

  • Simple & Robust Magnetic Design.•
  • High resolution (up to 14-bit)•.
  • Absolute position feeback up to 360º (keeps position on powerloss).•
  • Low profile.•
  • Easy integration into existingsystems•.
  • Full true-redundant versions.•
  • Conceived for harsh environments applications.•
  • Protected from magnetic fields, dust, moisture, vibrations and exteme temperatures.•
  • Analog oputput ready for easy potentiometer replacement.• Multiturn.•
  • Programmable Linear TransferCharacteristic:(some positive slopes & one negative slope can be programmed in the same transfer characteristic; up to 4 programmable points)•.
  • Self-Diagnostic features•.
  • Over voltage protection and reverse voltage protection.
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