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Amphenol Sensors is a leading innovator in sensing technolgies and measurement solutions. Offering the most diverse sensor portfolio of standard and customized products for the world's most demanding regulatory and industry-driven applications, Amphenol creates value by providing critical information for real-time decisions.


Amphenol Sensors is your best source for automotive sensors, offering the technology that brings your systems together to protect the vehicle, its occupants and the environment.

From engine management to safety systems, consider us your global partner for all your automotive sensing needs. We deliver innovative solutions and high-performing products with the finest customer support-bringging the best results to you and your customers.

Heavy Equipment & Off Road (HVOR)

Efficient under high demand. For agriculture, farm and construction, Amphenol Sensors combines its expertise in automotive sensing with the high demands inherent of heavy equipment. Our robust sensors maximize the efficiency and lifetime of your heavy equipment, which translates to improved operational costs, operator safety and environmental compliance.

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This is intended as a glimpse into Amphenol’s capabilities and standard catalog. Due to the large number of parts, configurations, specifications and details, only a small portion of Amphenol’s full leading-edge portfolio can be presented in this format.

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