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The PST-360 through / hollow shaft position sensors combines three critical design features; 1) through hole where the shaft passes through the sensor, 2) high accuracy absolute position feedback over up to 360°, and 3) a true non-contacting sensing element. Piher’s design does not rely on gears or other rotating parts.

This innovative and unique patented design, features the following advantages:

- Compliments the attributes of the target application.
- Mechanical integrity that matches customer´s application by design.
- Unique shaft mounted design that mounts at the pivot point of the application.
- No levers, connecting rods or mechanical interfaces needed.
- Adapts to shaft´s eccentricity, mounting tolerances and mechanical wear over the life of the application.


EN 55022, class B, emission radiated (230 ... 1000MHz) ±4 / ±8 kV
EN 61000-4-2, ESD (contact discharge / air discharge) max. 30 dB (μV/m)
EN 55022, class B, emission radiated (30 ... 230MHz) max. 37 dB (μV/m)
EN 61000-4-3, Immission HF radiated (80...1000MHz/1.4...2.0GHz) 10 V/m and 1 V/m  2.0GHz-2.7GHz
EN 61000-4-4, Burst (on supply lines / signal lines) ±1 kV
EN 61000-4-6, Immission HF conducted (0.15...80MHz) 30 A/m
EN 61000-4-8, Immission magnetic field (50Hz) 10 Vemk

EMC testing according to the standards EN 61000-6-2 & EN 61000-6-3


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