Hall-Effect Through-Shaft Rotary Position Sensor

The PST-360 position sensor combines a through-shaft design with accurate absolute position feedback and a true non-contacting sensing element that does not rely on gears or other rotating parts.
This innovative and unique patented design complements the attributes of the target application and maintains the mechanical integrity of the application by design. As the sensor is mounted directly at the pivot point no levers, connecting rods or other mechanical interfaces are needed.
Furthermore it adapts to shaft’s eccentricity, mounting tolerances and mechanical wear over the life of the application.
The endless rotation sensor is highly configurable with a programmable angular range between 15 and 360 degrees, different signal output options and support for low and high-voltage power supply.
Multi-turn configurations are available on request.


Without any gears or mechanical interfaces the sensor is easily assembled and calibrated and subject to limited wear and tear over lifetime.
Allows shaft insertion from top or bottom, simple assembly and makes it even more suitable in applications where space is limited.
Endless mechanical rotational angle without dead band, keeps the position on power loss with programmable electrical angles from 15 to 360 degrees.
The rugged package protects the sensor from dust, moisture, vibration and extreme temperatures for usage in the most demanding environments.
The non-contacting design allows for an extra-long product lifetime of up to 50 million cycles.
Programmable transfer function and switch outputs as well as different output protocols and redundancy levels available


Linearity* Analog, PWM, SPI
±1% absolute (±0.5% upon request)
±1.5% absolute
Electrical angular range** Programmable from 15° to 360°
Output Analog
CAN Open
Switch output Programmable upon request
Resolution Analog, PWM, CAN
Up to 12 bit
Up to 14 bit
Supply voltage *** 5V ±10%
7V to 15V
Supply current Single Output
Redundant output
CAN output
Typ 8.5 mA
Typ 17 mA
Typ 47 mA
Voltage protection ±10 V
Self-diagnostic features yes

* Ferromagnetic materials close to the sensor (i.e. shaft, mounting surface) may affect the sensor’s linearity.
** For information on multi-turn sensors please contact Piher
*** Voltages up to 25 V possible on request.

Rotational life Up to 50.000.000 cycles
Mechanical angular range 360° (endless rotation)
Rotor diameter * 14mm

* Other rotors on request

Operating and storage temperature* -40°C to +125°C
Shock 50g
Vibration 5-2000 Hz; 20g; Amax 0,75 mm
Sealing ** IP67, IP69K
Approval CE***

* Other specifications available
** IP rating on electronics
*** EMC-testing according to standards EN 61000-6-2 and EN 6100-6-3. CE-approval applies to analogic-simple and analogic-redundant models.